Dear Pa,

You are the only outlet that tells the truth without fear or favour and consistently. I am encouraging you not to give up on the FATOUMATTA TAMBAJANG STORY now FATOUMATTAGATE, which is a big cover-up and scam by her and the government. Everyone knows her age, including OJ, who she grew up with and Ousainou Darboe, who has no doubt knew about Fatoumatta’s age. IMAM Baba Leigh, also knows the truth. If you contact him, he will never lie to you. 

Fatoumatta, went to high school and has a 50 year old son. So do the math. She has worked at the UN. The UN has all her documents. What documents did she gave UN?  The right one or the fake one ?

Anyway, she is actually about 70, even though some of her records state that she was born in 1949. The Coalition Government with their so called review committee has not shown anyone the documents she presented. Can we trust the coalition if they are part of the cover up? This is now about her integrity! Check out her Tax IDENTIFICATION Card ( TIN) which has her date of birth of one her many date of births. Everyone who has a bank account has one and this is from the GRA. Government can verify. In fact, her first illegal salary can only be paid using her TIN. I hope PA you don’t give up on this.

A lot of Gambians are not happy about the issue, but are mumbling about it for fear of being called unpatriotic because of her role in fighting for the coalition. This is not about her. It’s about respecting our constitution and not starting on the wrong foot. Are we seeing creeping signs of dictatorship. Halifa is not comfortable because he is righteous. Ousainou Darboe our de facto president, is drunk with power. He is pushing FATOUMATTA. OJ bogota yaha Teranga ndowsi cheye Gambia masla at Na feha.

Mai, is Interior Minister. Let him investigate this issue starting with TIN and then check her other documents such as old ID cards and voters card from the IEC.

Salam Pa.

Concerned Patriotic Gambian Citizen

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