Your points are well noted the Gambia needs more of these kinds of contributions.  I want to add that a good start would be for every ministry to start with a self review while Barrow administration seek International help to streamline government to be more efficient. I say International help because a lot has transpired during the past 22 years going straight to office of the president that no Gambian dare to question.

All other institutions of the government should have an urgent overview audit to determine which ones need a detailed audit now asap. Government assets need to all be accounted for at all departments without exception. I say that every minister has to roll their sleeves and get to doing the job of the Gambian people, we just can’t afford a honeymoon let’s make every minute count.

We are not witch hunting but doing what we need to for the Gambia our homeland. For way, too long we have been in the opposition or the struggle, now that we are in control let us show what we are made of. Let us remember that this opportunity is a transitional one, Gambians will soon have another opportunity to judge us at the polls. 

To the president please continue to do the right thing, we recognize that you have a very tough job in a short time frame but building strong democratic institutions are none negotiable. Halifa and seedia please deliver it will not be easy but I know you are all principled we have to have a strong democratic foundation that the next government will be expected to live by.

For the Gambia ever true 

Forward ever backward never 

Written By Modou Cham 

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