The Gambia diaspora community and the online media in association with the Gambian people have played a vital role in bringing meaningful change in The Gambia. The combined effort was and still is primarily aimed at ensuring that democracy, rule of law and good governance exists in the Gambia.  My appeal to the diaspora Gambian community is to read this piece with objectivity and with an open mind based on our collective aspiration to build a Gambia that is free of corruption and tribalism which are the primary ingredients of continuing backwardness and under-development especially in Africa and the Gambia in particular.


For close to a year, an online radio host was actively engaged in propagating for the release of political detainees in The Gambia. Amongst those that the online radio host continuously proposed to be released, was one Mr. Seedy Jaiteh who was incarcerated/imprisoned for defrauding Gamcel of 11 million dalasis. Mr. Seedy Jaiteh was taken to court, found guilty and sentenced to 11 years in prison. Mr. Jaiteh was represented in court by lawyers Lamin Camara and Edward Singhateh. Gamcel was represented in court by the company’s Director of Internal Audit Mr. Sulayman Sidibeh.

The online radio host erroneously or intentionally and persistently kept airing that Mr. Seedy Jaiteh was reported by Gamtel/Gamcel Managing Director Mr. Babucarr Sanyang and was as a result sent to prison. This is far from the truth as Seedy Jaiteh was sent to prison for economic crime (stealing 11 million dalasis from the country’s only struggling GSM company – Gamcel).

The attention of the online radio host was drawn to the fact that Mr. Seedy Jaiteh is a felon/economic criminal who stole D11 million dalasis from a national Financially struggling company (Gamcel) and was accordingly taken to court and sent to prison for a period of 11 years. A copy of the audit report which detailed the fraud was sent to and published by the Freedom Online Newspaper about a week ago. The objective being to prevent Mr. Seedy Jaiteh from being recycled/re-instated back to Gamcel with the attendant risk of plunging the company into a more devastating fraudulent financial crisis. Mr. Seedy Jaiteh is a very high fraud risk and the online radio host that propagated for his release as a political prisoner has not done justice to the coalition government as well as to the Gambian people at large, by publicly airing his imprisonment as politically instead of as a criminally driven one.

The online radio host lashed at me by calling me ‘hateful and an APRC supporter’, and stated that Mr. Seedy Jaiteh was never taken to court – this is very much far from the truth . The radio host’s sycophants blindly started their baseless and senseless insults directed at me. The online radio host in question was in the Gambia at the time Mr. Seedy Jaiteh stole the Gamcel funds till the time the audit exercise was conducted and Mr. Jaiteh prosecuted and jailed. The outcome of the case was a bombshell and was carried in the national newspapers (the Observer and the Point). It is most unlikely that the online radio host was not aware of this case at the time – this made me to feel that the objective of the online radio host was to deliberately pull a fast one on the Coalition Government by misleading them.


It could be concluded that there is more to the relationship between the online radio host and Mr. Seedy Jaiteh than meets the eye. Doubtfully, the online radio host repeatedly stated that Mr. Seedy Jaiteh is not known to her/him. However, any reasonably objective person will wonder why the online radio host persistently and passionately kept propagating the release of Mr. Seedy Jaiteh for close to nine months by flipping his case as a political instead of a criminally driven case.

The highest risk in respect of this issue is that Mr. Seedy Jaiteh’s mistaken release as a political prisoner may result to him being mistakenly re-instated back to Gamcel to wreck more financial havoc on a financially struggling company and render it much less competitive in the GSM market.

I will not do justice to this online radio host without acknowledging the significant contribution made in enabling mobilization of funds for the Coalition Government’s political campaign during the just concluded presidential election. This mobilization effort significantly blinded the Coalition Government from noticing the red flags inherent in the persistent propagations by the online radio host to release Mr. Seedy Jaiteh as a political instead of as a felon/economic criminal.


  1. That, Mr. Seedy Jaiteh is a potential high fraud risk and should not be re-instated back to either Gamcel or Gamtel.
  2. That, the Coalition Government be henceforth careful and remember that ‘not all that glitters is gold’, and to be carefully conducting due diligence whenever online radio hosts recommend individuals for appointments into the civil service. Such online radio hosts recommendations could be agenda based.

Written By Sulayman Sidibeh

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