Ba Tambadou, a former UN court prosecutor in Rwanda, has been sworn in today, as Gambia’s Attorney General and Minister of Justice. Mr. Tambadou, who was named as President Adama Barrow’s pick for Justice Minister last week, took his oath of office, and allegiance today. Mr. Tambadou, used to work at the AG’s Chambers as a State Counsel during former dictator Yahya Jammeh’s rule. He later left and engaged into private law practice.

It should be noted that Mr. Tambadou’s biological brother Sheriff Tambadou, is the acting President of The Gambia Bar Association. His brother Sheriff travelled from Banjul to Dakar, to swear in President Barrow, during the month long political impasse.

Mr. Ba Tambadou’s is one of the nation’s finest lawyers. He has a track record of representing poor litigants on pro-bono basis. This was the lawyer, who represented some of the students accused of involving in the April, 10th students massacre.

Having said that, concerns have been raised in some quarters about having Ba serving as AG, while his brother Sheriff heads the Bar, which is expected to check on the excesses of the Executive. Ba has also contributed financially to president Barrow’s election campaign.

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