Dear Sulayman Sidibeh,

Thank you so much for doing a very big favor and unveiling your identity on the article captioned “Former Gamcel Auditor Says President Barrow’s Coalition Gov’t Has Been Misled!”. I know the audit report previously published on this medium was also sent by you and will commend you for a job well done.

Mr. Sidibeh, you know for a fact that you were and still conniving with the MD Babucarr Sanyang to witch-hunt the said Seedy Jaiteh. The audit exercise was conducted purposely and without any of the stakeholders informed as to the control measures in place. I can bear witness that your deputy at GAMCEL (Kaddijatou Jallow) used to get fuel from HR and go up to Basse and back all in the name of going for official service when she visits her family and none of those fuel issued were documented. Most of the staff do contact Mr. Jaiteh for vehicle and are issued fuel even when they have ceremonies as far as the provinces and all such social activities including funerals and transportation of dead bodies of relatives of staff are not in any way documented or recorded in the log books. That mandate was given to Seedy Jaiteh as the head of the HR department and staff affairs by the management team. There was no room in the budget to cater for such fuel expenses on staff matters and were not documented. Such fuel issues are requested through the various heads of departments to Mr. Jaiteh. Mr. Sidibeh you being the Director Internal Audit advised MD Babucarr Sanyang who have and agenda against Mr. Seedy to use that auditing tactics to get what you desire.       

To ascertain to the readers and all those concerned, Mr. Sidibeh, you were given a loan of D600,000.00 (Six Hundred Thousand Dalasis) by MD Babucarr when you had less than two years to go on retirement. DID YOU FINISH SERVICING that loan ?????? You and MD Babucarr knows what am talking about. Immediately after being given the loan you started the said audit exercise. And after purchasing a car from the loan you sold the said car to one of the directors Mr. Ousman Njie.

You Mr. Sidibeh, after your retirement you were given a contract as full time staff Director Internal Audit to continue serving MD Babucarr when there were competent staff to take over as the director. Mr. Sidibeh can you explain what happened to the E-voucher (NOPAL) fraud case, which according to your SINGLE HANDED audit exercise was D21 Million (Twenty-one million dalasi fraud). The suspect on that fraud case SAIKOU TOURAY was arrested and detained at the NIA. SAIKOU confessed committing the fraud and you later connived with the NIA recovering those monies from SAIKOU and the recovered monies were never paid in the GAMCEL accounts.    

Mr. Sidibeh, how did you left the GAMBIA to the US ???? You Mr. Sidibeh and MD Babucarr organised a travel trip for you Sidibeh to abscond while your contract was active. You were paid perdiem while on the so-called contract and without any clearance from the then office of the president. Since then you never come back. What were you running for and when are you expected back ????


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