Sainey Sabally, is villain Sana Sabally’s twin brother. He used to be a roommate to Adama Barrow, now Gambian president. The duo used to sleep on the same bed in London. At the time, Mr. Barrow was enrolled in one of the private colleges in the UK.

On Monday, we received information that Sainey Sabally, was being considered for an Ambassadorial position in the United Kingdom. Our source said the Barrow government will soon announce Sabally’s appointment as an envoy. We were bit apprehensive when the information came to our attention.

It is a known fact that Sainey Sabally, is a relative to the newly over age Vice President Fatoumatta Jallow Tambajang. Fatoumatta Tambajang served the Jammeh dictatorship as a Health Minister, thanks to her family ties with the former Vice Chairman Sana Sanally. She later got fired from the junta.

Sainey’s brother Sana Sabally, who now lives in Germany, has been accused of committing crimes against humanity, while being the number two man of the former junta. Sana has been accused of killing many officers of the army during his six month stint as Vice Chairman. 

Speaking to a colleague in the UK, he informed us that Sainey Sabally and Adama Barrow used to be roommates. Our colleague could not confirm if Sabally will be hired as Gambia’s Ambassador to the UK. Although, he confirmed about the past close ties between the duo. Barrow and Sainey are good friends.

The Barrow regime could not be reached for comment.

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