Dear Sulayman Sidibeh,

We are not surprised that you will come to the aid of the so called Gamtel MD because of the many crockery deals you tried to cover for him.  I am also very surprised that you could deviate this far from the truth and stoop so low.

You know very well that Mr Jaiteh was pardoned by the former president and reinstated to his former position as Director of human resources at Gamcel. The crook MD Baboucarr, was very mad about this move, but could not do anything about it. 

Baboucarr then decided to transfer Mr Jaiteh to the corporate unit of Gamtel for no just reason knowing that the corporate department was dead department.  In fact, the transfer was in the form of an email, not even a formal letter.  This shows you how arrogant Baboucarr is.  Mr. Jaiteh wrote back saying that such transfers should have been discussed internally and then forwarded to the board for approval. 

Baboucarr got so angry about that and he decided to write to the then president lying that Seedy Jaiteh, was organizing a Mandinka club in Gamcel to undermine his administration.  He also said in his letter that Mr. Jaiteh is against the Jolas and a lot of unfounded stories. 

The letter was delivered to the then president by Sual Badjie. Karl Bayo was the then SG.  I have a copy of the letter and will send you a copy when I return to Gambia from Senegal.

Sidibeh is the worst crook.  How many times did he collect money from Gamtel branches giving them false cheques.  Sidibeh is a failure.

After 49 years of service, he has no compound of his own and depends on handouts.  I will not be surprised if MD Sanyang did not send him a handout to publish his false story.

Let Baboucarr tell us where all the gateway money for the past four years went to.  Let a commission of enquiry be set up on Gamtel soon.  Even if MGI destroys the CDRs, we can get them from the GSM operators.  Let him tell us about the useless billing system they bought through MGI, the Call center and the deal with Lamin Saidy on the useless tower network.  We have a lot to sort out in Gamtel rather than attacking this gentleman, who has suffered from Baboucarr, who hates this man naturally. 

A Concerned Gamtel Staff.

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