Dear Pa,

I am an avid reader and follower of your programs to the extent of addiction. I was taking my time to see reactions and counter reactions about Seedy Jaiteh’s case. 

Gambians, Seedy Jaiteh, was truly investigated for causing economic lost to the Government of the Gambia. Before I proceed to persuade you and readers, I held the case file and read it entirely and hence privileged to narrate the truth behind it.

The allegation was, he was accused to have failed to account for fuel coupons worth ELEVEN MILLION DALASIS (D11, 000, 000.00). Pa, Gamcel, Gamtels and Nawec all are issued with fuel coupons for an approved budget. The logical question to ask is, is Gamtel’s financial budget worth D11, 000, 000.00?

When Seedy Jaiteh was under investigation of this matter, as Gambians and Africans, he sought the spiritual advice of others for the truth to be revealed. He met a certain Marabout, I think a Jahanka, who started work with Jaiteh of course accompanied by the wife. 

In the process, Neneh, Jaiteh’s wife, has been barren and is unable to bear children. So, the Marabout did his part of spiritual work and promised them that it will work out. This time not about his case at Gamtel, but for his wife to bear him children.  Seedy, his wife, another man and the marabout all went outside Brikama before Kitty, where Jammeh has a garden. So, Jaiteh and his wife remained in the car and the marabou then went out to do his work. 

The marabout was to bury the juju and dug a hole. Before burying it, a man appears and arrested him that he was burying a juju inside Jammeh’s garden. So, the information went viral to the NIA and Saul Badjie. Jammeh was thinking about elections and he was mad at Jaiteh being a Mandinka and ordered that he should be dealt with. 

So now, instead of one matter hanging over his head, i.e. D11, 000.000 fuel coupons case another case added on top of him that is burying a juju inside Jammeh Kunda with the intention to end his Presidency. Exclusively, a Director of Civil litigation was assigned to handle his matter. His matter in the Brikama Court was the juju. 

So eventually, I learnt he was convicted by Justice Emmanuel  Nkea for negligence act causing economic loss, but not actually causing economic loss because of stealing fuel coupons for lack of proper supervision of staff.  He was accordingly and reluctantly convicted and sentenced. He was granted a presidential pardon and returned to work.

Jammeh, woke up from the wrong side of the bed and ordered for SEEDY JAITEH’S arrest and imprisonment again. I blame the Gambian lawyers again for this. While the law is silence as to whether a president can grant presidential pardon constitutionally given and unilaterally revoke such a pardon. This was how Seedy Jaiteh was taken back to prison. My conclusion is: Jaiteh was detained unlawfully and deserved any order of release granted to all politics prisoners by Barrow.

So, in conclusion, I unequivocally wish to tell Mr. Sidibeh that Seedy’s case against Jammeh for simply trying to stay with wife and bear a child. The marabout was the one arrested burying a juju meant for Mrs. Jaiteh to bear children not even strengthen her position at work or not. 

From A Concerned Gambian

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