Dear Pa,

Recently, when you featured Mr. Omar Bah to discuss salient issues touching on politics and post Jammeh era, both you and Omar were ….absentia for simply calling names and ensuring  or reactions measures are taken.

Pa, during Jawara’s 31 years of governance, privileged Gambians goes to the UK, US, Nigeria, Ghana and Sierra Leone to name a few to pursue various degree program including law. Now those who have their parents employed and or connected in government, sent all their children to “good” universities hence their qualifications as lawyer trained outside.

A poor farmer who do not have any connection with government, sends their children to Crab Island and the Christian Missionary schools and full stop! 

Dictator Jammeh, started a university to curtail expenses and ensure equality in knowledge attainment by all Gambians. He was widely criticized for starting the University by the very people who were trained outside the Gambia at the expense of tax payers monies whether stolen or ill-gotten.

The only Institute which offered law programs was GTTI ie. National Diploma in Law. Now this was like a toilet paper to these very people who are rich enough to educate their children abroad.


When Agim, the former CJ, initiated a faculty of law, his partner Attorney General and Minister of Justice Kebba Sanyang supported the idea. That suggestion was like one standing there West field and announced that Former President Jammeh will be the next President of the Gambia. Many lawyers privileged to receive outside training and sealed the door for only family members, rained insults and pessimism that Gambia do not have the capacity to run a law degree. 

Agim, K. Sanyang, L. A Camara, BY Camara, Gayest Sowe, Moses B. Richards and few others said they can lecture and deliver quality education and produce internationally recognized lawyers come what may. The program started with THE CURRENT judicial Secretary and E Singhateh and others.

They went through it. As the academic years goes, the pioneers one of them Lawyer Kebba Sanyang, was sacked and next Agim was the target. Thankfully, he was close to Jammeh and no one dare touch him. Agim with the assistance of Pa Harry Jammeh, though of the law school. This was the last stroke that broke the Camel’s back. Agim and Pa Harry became targets. 

The law school started in Banjul with few lecturers with the support of staff from the judiciary and ministry mainly Nigeria domination. They all passed and graduating as first home trained lawyers. You know what? The energy is stood outside and said that batch was called “let my people pass” Meningitis Agim insisting that all his people should pass. Is Landing Sanneh, Sulayman Junkung Jobarteh, Dawda Jallow, Edward Singhatey, the ones Hon. Lawyer Ousainu Darboe referring to as Gambian lawyers in his speech when he was trying to glorify the new AG and Minister of Justice? Mr. DARBOE SAID IN HIS OWN WORDS:

 ” Mr. TAMBADOU is a lawyer…he is not the lawyer Gambians called lawyers but a lawyer….”

Mr. Darboe, you were vying for Presidency.  You are a diplomat. You should be diplomatic in whatever public you do and say. 

The University of the Gambia and LAW school, produces lawyers who are by far better than your colleagues who were trained outside the Gambia and have practiced law for more than 10 years in the Gambia. You cannot tell me, a daughter of a lawyer who was trained outside the Gambia, who could not manage to have a simple pass in her final exams during her BAR exams better than home trained lawyers who not only passed but championed as best students.

Because of your hatred for us, you manipulated everything in the Gambia to make it so hard for us to breed. Anyone who supports the law school and faculty of law, is either sacked or has resigned. Your colleague do not have respect for even Magistrates trained locally. Yet you use to have lay Magistrates sitting as  Magistrates.  

I want to assure you and all Gambians, those you call Gambian lawyers will remove your Government from office with the laws of the Gambia. We are not dumb. We can analyze any statement attributed to us. You were truly referring to the products of the Law school and the faculty of law at the University of the Gambia.

Diplomacy required you to have respect when you speak as a minister and public servant. We will be waiting for you and your friend supporters who were trained in the space in court and the public will know whether the University of the Gambia is a Jammeh university or a university like any other university in Africa.

From A  “Gambian Lawyer.”

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