The struggle against ex-president Yaya Jammeh started in 22 July 1994.

The PPP and some other Gambians who were vehemently against the coup d’état were thus the forerunners of the struggle and did suffer a lot in the hands of the AFPRC Junta since day one. Thereafter the first online medium called the “Gambia L” did a good job of media exposure of the military regime since 1996. Many Gambians were the faces of the struggle at that time and some of them were consistent in the fight against Dictator Yaya Jammeh until he was defeated in the polls last December. Here I want to make special mention to DUGA DC and many other organizations that came later to join the struggle. From Gambia L online, the Freedom newspaper crew under the leadership of Pa Ndery Mbai spearheaded the struggle to higher level until other online media came into existence to compliment its efforts to finally make Yaya Jammeh history. So many Gambians, political parties and other well-wishers, institutions and foreign governments and finally ECOWAS deserve commendations in the fight to end dictatorship, impunity and illegality in our dear country, the Gambia. We thank Allah for it.

Madam, from Fass Njagga Choi, we Gambians discovered our own “Aline Siteo Jatta” in you and our women of “Talata Nder”in the final stage of our struggle to oust Jammeh from office democratically trough the polls. Verily Madam You inspired all of us and took the Gambia to another dimension in the struggle by being on side of our Mandela Lawyer Oussainou Darboe and the UDP to stand against injustice.

We the Gambians will never forget your unflinching faith and leadership in forming the Coalition together with our able and brave brother Honorable Halipha Sallah of PDOIS to select a flag bearer for the Coalition. We cannot but say Bravo Aunty Fatumata and a Big Thank you.

Having said the above Madam, you know very well President Adama Barrow loves you so much and went to the length of appointing you his Vice president of the Gambia. No one will ever doubt your professional and academic qualifications as well as your dedication to see the Gambia regain her dignity and excel to higher heights.

Madam, very frankly speaking it is now your turn to put President Barrow at ease to run the affairs of the State with peace of mind. It is now your turn to put Honorable Minister Lawyer Ousseynou Darboe and the UDP at ease to help President Barrow steer the affairs of the nation in absolute legality, peace and prosperity. Madam, the controversy surrounding your age Vis a Vis the constitution should now be put to rest. You can perform many honorable official functions including being a minister in the meantime until such time the constitution is properly amended to accommodate the age limits that were clearly put in place just to deter certain people from holding public and elective offices. We all remember Solo Sandeng died for demanding a 13 points electoral reform including the age limit hence the arrest and jailing of Darboe and other UDP executive members and militants.

Minister Darboe in fact suffered the consequences of this bad age limit law and we all know reforms are necessary in this regard. The Gambia being a small country, people knowing each other very well will thus make it very difficult to circumvent the truth and will thereby put President Adama Barrow in an uncomfortable situation as far as respecting the constitution is concern.

Madam, we know you as a fervent Muslim believer and a true champion of the rights of Gambians and do hereby beg you to reconsider your ambitions until such time that it is appropriate and constitutional right to carry on.

We are all in this New Gambia together and we wish the Barrow government to succeed in the mission entrusted to Him by the people of the Gambia.

I will thus conclude by sincerely apologizing to you Madam and Gambians at large if my letter hurts some one. My only intention is to see the Gambia on a sound legal footing and our new President excel in championing of the rule of law and human rights for all Gambians without fear or favor.

May Allah help us make the right decisions for many generations to come!

Thank you Madam.

NB: I would like to seize this opportunity to thank Lawyer Sheriff Tambedou wholeheartedly for coming online to clear my grey arrears surrounding ministerial appointments.

Pa Njie Girigara.

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