Gambia: Breaking News: As The Soldier Signs Off For Now; He Exposes A Possible Plot To Assassinate President Barrow!


Pa, This is The Soldier again. Permission to write SIR. Fellow Gambians, we received this breaking news since 2 o’clock in the afternoon Gambian time, but we wish that another source will have reported it. DCC is in the process of taking a long break, after participating in the long struggle to remove monster Jammeh, a majority of DCC members want to take a break. We will make this breaking news short and let the truth speak for itself.

Fellow Gambians, DCC agents who were present at Friday prayers today witnessed an incident and unknown to many Gambians a person was arrested and whisked away by the ECOWAS soldiers. DCC do not know what this person wanted to do, the information we heard was that this suspect wanted to assassinate President Adama Barrow during today’s Friday prayers. DCC cannot confirm if the person wanted to assassinate President Adama Barrow, but DCC agents witnessed a person being arrested and whisked away by ECOWAS soldiers.

During the Friday prayers today ECOWAS metal detectors detected something that a person was hiding behind his “haftan”. When this person attempted to enter the mosque, the alarm went off and the ECOWAS soldiers were alerted and they quickly arrested this person. The person in question is under interrogation and we are hoping in the spirit of transparency that the government to come out with a statement and let the Gambian people know what transpired. Who is this guy, did monster Jammeh send this person to assassinate the president Barrow, Gambians deserve to know the true? This is a test for the government. DCC cannot confirm if a weapon was discovered with this person and the government need to tell the public what happened. ECOWAS and the coalition should know that dictator Jammeh and his cartel had a lot of weapons and they hid them in different hideouts. ECOWAS and the coalition should not take anything for granted and walk around loosely. Monster Jammeh is calling his loyalists every day and he promised that he will be back. Dictator Jammeh and his followers cannot be trusted.

Dictator Jammeh if you know what DCC knows about you right now you will be quiet. TIME WILL TELL monster Jammeh.

At the same time dictator Jammeh is calling a lot of presidents asking them to beg the coalition for him to return back to Gambia. Monster Jammeh is tired and everyone around him want to run but they are all stuck in an island(Malabo) in Equatorial Guinea. Everyone around him want to run, if you have a family member there tell them to be careful because dictator Jammeh is capable of killing them in that lawless country and no one can do anything about it. The President and the coalition are naive and they meet everyone and they need to stop that. They should avoid public gathering and dictator Jammeh do not want the independence celebration to take place. The coalition should constantly monitor the people who used to be close to dictator Jammeh.

Until and unless dictator Jammeh’s loyalists go through a reform process they are not to be trusted, there are a lot of weapons missing. One of the reasons monster Jammeh delay his exist was to hide and destroy evidence, and fellow Gambians you will not believe that even devil Zeinab burn all the computers in her office, she destroys any evidence that may implicate her, devil Zeinab it’s too late, TIME WILL TELL. Did President Adama Barrow escape an assassination plot, only the government can tell its people? 

Fellow Gambians after a long hard fought battle to remove dictator Jammeh from power DCC want to inform the FREEDOM NEWSPAPER audience that DCC is going to take a long break. The core and main objective for the existence of DCC was to expose and participate on removing monster Jammeh from power. This milestone has been achieved and we want to thank every and each “DCC” member who sacrificed their lives and provided key information which exposed dictator Jammeh to the world at large. DCC is a group of humble Gambians and we will resurface back at the appropriate time.

DCC wants to deeply thank our hero and boss Pa Nderry Mbai, who provided us with the platform to report and expose monster Jammeh. Without him we would not have been able to express and report events from the Gambia. My boss, THANK YOU, for trusting DCC and providing us full access to your medium, you represent what “democracy” truly means. You trusted DCC but at the same time challenge and question us when you had doubts. You edited our reports whenever you deem necessary. DCC was never perfect and in the spirit of exposing monster Jammeh, we have indirectly wrong a lot of people. DCC is humbly asking for Gambians to open their hearts and forgive us, please pardon us for any wrong doing. We made a lot of mistakes, but it was all in the process of making sure that the Gambians and the world know who monster Jammeh is. Thank you to the entire Gambia people who read our reports and we are proud to serve our country both behind a computer and been present at key operations.

Come revelation day Gambians will be surprised when they learn the members of DCC, the group crosses all tribal lines and DCC is looking forward to the day when it is safe and convenient to talk on FREEDOM RADIO, it’s in the near future. DCC still have a lot of unfinished underground job to perform and will occasionally send reports but not at the frequency during monster Jammeh tenure. DCC hopes that Gambians youths can learn from what “ a pen” can deliver and emulate Pa Nderry Mbai. Pa Nderry Mbai has been consistent from day one and he succeeded into convincing Gambians that monster Jammeh is the problem and he must go. A lot of DCC members used to doubt what FREEDOM used to write, but overtime this media proved itself and it is because of FREEDOM NEWSPAPER that DCC was created. We wish our dear land the best!!! We wish the coalition good luck and let them know that people are “watching”. Above all, GOD BLESS THE GAMBIA. Some DCC members are retiring and we are hosting a big “farewell” to them and thank them for serving DCC and the Gambia.

This is The Soldier, RIP ELLO JALLOW, SOLO SANDENG, MILE-2 NINE, and December 2014 Martyrs.

Written By The Soldier 

Editors note: Thanks the Soldier and your DCC Team, for the valuable services you rendered to our country and her people during dictator Yahya Jammeh’s misrule. Thanks to the DCC, and your able self, Jammeh’s crimes, corruption, nepotism, and barbarism have been exposed beyond redemption. The Gambia and the Freedom Team, would ever be grateful to the DCC for its sense of national belonging, patriotism, and responsibility in helping to end dictatorship through the dissemination of reliable information.

We hope the present Barrow government will stick to its promise of creating a free, democratic and prosperous Gambia, that’s free of corruption, nepotism, and gross rights violations. The Gambia has decided, and we are hopeful that the new dispensation will continue to maintain the high democratic bar, when it comes to the respect for the rule of law, human rights, democracy, and fundamental liberties. Such values are sacrosanct to national development. 

We encourage the DCC members to expose any information that will help Gambians during this transition period. The DCC is privy to a lot of state secrets. 

On a final note, it was a pleasure to publish the DCC’s reports on this medium. Feel free to resume duties when the DCC deems it imperative. Thanks so much for being true patriots.  

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