Interior Minister Mai Ahmad Fatty Friday received a development delegation from the European Union as The Gambia ramps up efforts to upgrade EU-Gambia partnership.

The meeting which was held at the Minister’s office in Banjul had in attendance the Gambian ambassador to Brussels, Teneng-ba Jaiteh, and the ambassador of the European Union, Attila Lajos.

Speaking to journalists shortly after the session, Minister Fatty said the talks dealt with issues of common concern.

He said: “We looked at the priorities of my ministry. We discussed elements such as reforms in the security sector, especially the police force, the immigration, the prisons, the fire and rescue services, and the drug law enforcement agency.

We looked at key areas and priorities of my government within the framework of that of the ministry as well. And so we are going to be looking at a lot of changes in terms of capacity, infrastructure, legislation and institutional changes.”

Fatty said the profound issue of irregular migration with a view of reaching a common understanding. “This is a very sensitive issue and we will approach it cautiously and carefully within the national interest,” he said.

He added that the relationship with the EU was a partnership and that “a partnership is supposed to be beneficial on both sides.”

Attila Lajos, the European Union Ambassador to The Gambia commented: “We’re discussing the very key areas of priority of the Ministry of Interior. This is a work in progress… the inter-service mission is rolling out all these meetings with different minister and stakeholders.”

Written By Lamin Njie

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