I wish to express my profound gratitude for leading the way forward to uproot YAYA JAMMEH. It’s not indeed hypocritical of me to write now or cowardice I just think is the right time.

I am an ongoing student of Nusrat High School and have been following and read almost every article published for the last two years. Our nation needs your types to not only abreast us of the goings of the GAMBIA (since it’s up to recently of little interest to international media) but prompt the promotion of justice and freedom.

We all know that the past regime had tried it’s best to suppress the media and criticism of it’s doings indeed it had to fail, for your likes are within. However I want be given opportunity to present my opinions in your widely read newspaper.

I will not wish to present utopian views but will base more on things that are likely to be achieved

Written By Omar Bah, Nusrat Student 

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