Dear Mr. Sulayman Sidibeh (Former DIA) & Mr. MD Babucarr Sanyang,

I thank you all once again on your publications of the GAMCEL Audit report on this medium and the subsequent articles regarding Mr. Seedy Jaiteh and other issues. Though a total breach of OATH and SECRECY to present that audit report in a public domain, but I know and understand that you people don’t have a choice and will do anything to defend your actions as you don’t have anything to lose or at stake. I thank you for proving me right on all the points I have raised as revealed in your last article.

Mr. Sidibeh, I really respect and admired your intelligence and smartness as proven in your past records in GAMTEL/GAMCEL service and in your consultancy Works with private businesses and consultancy firms. But Mr. Sidibeh you simply made yourself the biggest fool in this noble institution and allowed MD Sanyang to use you any how he desires and dump you. Mr. Sidibeh the length of your last article in defending your actions can tell everyone that you are defending your lies and criminality with MD Sanyang. You want to say you are retired and still busy publishing and defending your actions. Who are you serving the company or someone else ?????? How much are you getting from this service and do you know that you are tarnishing the image of the company and the staff. ?????

Mr. Sidibeh, your personal vehicle you sold was last serviced by GAMTEL as all the tires were bought by the company. How is that possible in the service rule and vehicle ownership policy ???????

Your intimate friendship with Kaddijatou Jallow Sarr is no hidden fact as this is based on SKIN TO SKIN relationship. Mr. Alieu Bah was the first HEAD of audit in GAMCEL and well qualified and mastered all the internal issues of the company. You Mr. Sidibeh denied Mr. Alieu Bah this position and he got discouraged and resigned for an international job. You then immediately recommended your SKIN TO SKIN friend with a promotion to the position. Can you tell the readers who was your host when you absconded to the US ????? Is it not the same KADDIJATOU JALLOW SARR. I have nothing against her but you SIDIBEH stained her with your dubious deals.

For GOD shake can both of you SIDIBEH & MD SANYANG come to your senses and tell yourselves the truth and cleanse yourselves and hearts off any hatred you people have against innocent people, not only Mr. Seedy Jaiteh. If as claimed by you Mr. Sidibeh and MD Sanyang that Mr. Jaiteh was an economic criminal, what about the other directors who were wrongfully dismissed, forced to resign against their will, demoted, moved to other sections, and absconded. Kindly clarify with your boss MD Sanyang on the list of affected staff below without the boards attention as all these were carried out single handed by MD Sanyang.

  1. Mr. Sulayman Susso former Deputy Managing Director (DEMOTED)
  2. Mr. Kebba Bojang former DCS (DISMISSED)
  3. Mr. Momodou Salifu Bah former DIO (ABSCONDED)
  4. Mr. Yahya Manneh former Senior Manager DMS (DISMISSED)
  5. Mr. Mam Dawda Gai former Director Outside Plant (RESIGNED)
  6. Mr. Ousman Njie former Director Core Network (RESIGNED)
  7. Mrs. Ramou Nyass former Deputy General Manager (DEMOTED)

Mr. MD Sanyang before going further I can honestly tell you that your heart is filled with hatred for innocent people who never had any intention to cause you any harm or sabotage. MD Sanyang you made these staff movements in areas of your interest and to cover your deals. I will elaborate on that with your permission and if you deny this.

Mr. Sidibeh why were you physically going after the DEALERS and AGENTS who were involved in your claimed D21 MILLION fraud ??????? You Sidibeh manipulated the figures with the then NIA and you were recovering the difference from Mr. Touray, the dealers and agents. You know what am talking about.

MD Sanyang’s wife (YAA HARR’s) medical bills were processed by you Mr. Sidibeh and you never advised or queried in the interest of the company. You Sidibeh knows that you are the biggest enabler to MD Sanyang in all such deals. MD Sanyang’s wife uses GAMTEL office vehicle and she receives weekly fuel supply more than any of the directors. Sidibeh you mean you being the then internal audit director can justify that considering what you are justifying in Mr. Jaiteh’s case. You Sidibeh used to audit the International Traffic accounts. Since Sanyang was made MD, have you ever audited transactions at the International Gateway ?????? Will leave that to your criminal cartel with MD Sanyang to do yourselves a favour and reveal it or else the entire staff will volunteer and reveal all the information to the Gambian people and the authorities with the transaction files and documents in hand.

I will reveal my identity if you can correctly answer all the concerns raised and upon your return on the ground to shed light on your trip to the US as a contractor and upon tendering your TRAVEL CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE. Before that I won’t mind if you prefer to reveal my identity as I can truly confess and swear that all what am revealing here is the truth and nothing but the truth with justifiable documents in the archives.

Thank you so much and I totally rest my case.

Written By A Gamtel Insider

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