The APRC meeting which drew thousands of party supporters and loyalists lasted for over six hours was to map out strategy for the forthcoming parliamentary elections.  Representatives across the KMC WCR and Banjul storm the party’s headquarter in preparation for the election. Sources indicated that the party will fill in candidates in all constituencies.

Heavy weight of the party who were in attendance were Seedy SK NJIE former information minister who is also the Spokesman of the party, Mayor Yankuba Colly, Musa Amul Nyassy former local government minister , Hon Sainey Mbye, Hon Alaji Sillah, Hon Bintanding Jarjue , Hon Babucarr Nyang, Hon Ebrima Jammeh , Mr Bakary Jaiteh party administrative Secretary, Abdou Jarjue National Youth Mobiliser,  Ansu Jammeh former Ambassador, Aji Fatou Bah of Banjul and many others as well as huge youths who vowed to rally behind the party and vote in all their candidates .

The meeting according to our source was chaired by Hon Seedy SK Njie who is seen as the symbol of hope for the party. Sources also said that Fabakary Tombong Jatta is out of the country for official mission . There were lot of hopes and determination noticed by our source who indicated if anything to go by the party faithful are more formidable today than ever before and have learned their mistakes and ready to rectify them.

Sources at the meeting indicated that there were lot of intervention that were geared towards ensuring that APRC which is the biggest single party in the Gambia pulling 40% of the votes during the last presidential election is up and running.

Written By An Eyewitness

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