Re: Your first Independence celebration as President is important to Gambians.

Mr. President, Gambians elected you and not Massamba or Mademba,

Mr. President you should respect the constitution or fail our collective conscience for voting Yaya Jammeh out of office.

Mr. President, on Saturday the 18th of February you have no constitutional right to address Madam Fatumata Tambajang as the Vice President of the Gambia in front your fellow ECOWAS presidents and the World. That will be the first and greatest mistake you will make since you were officially sworn into office in Dakar Senegal.

Mr. President we wonder what is your problem in wanting to ignore the law with regards to the appointment and swearing in of the Vice President?? Gambians are very worried why all other appointees are sworn in except the office of the vice president. What is the problem Mr. President? We Gambians have a right to know as your voters and taxpayers of our country.

Mr. President, it was over 227.000 Gambians who voted for you and not Madam Tambajang or the UDP party alone. You are elected the President of the Gambia and not a member to some political parties or people as you now portray with the controversy surrounding the office of the vice president.

Mr. President, Gambians fought Yaya Jammeh because he did not respect the constitution, because he plundered the state coffers and tumble upon the rights of Gambians. Gambians will never accept a remake of the Jammeh regime and any one who thinks can get away with it well then ask ex-president Yaya Jammeh.

Mr. President, Gambians do not wish to hear you address Mrs. Fatumata Tambajang as the Vice President of the Gambia on the 18th of February 2017 in front of the world. Doing so amounts to sending the wrong signal to Gambians.

Mr. President, power is sweet and dangerous and if you let people around you elevate you to the rank of King or Saint then you will suffer the faith of Yaya Jammeh. Real power belongs to GOD and only GOD. When GOD was finish with Jammeh’s elusive power, he left just as he came in July 1994 without bloodshed.

Mr. President, please listen to the Diaspora people, they are the ones that made your campaign financially easy and made your candidature acceptable to their families at home through social media. The Diaspora Gambians contributed a lot in your elections and not listening or ignoring them will be the second biggest mistake and underestimation you will do to yourself.

Mr. President as an Elder Brother to you, Allah knows I want you to succeed in your mission but if you insist on breaking the law, then I am sorry I cannot help you.

As an independent person, I do not need Government to live or work, all I want, is to see the Gambia excel in the committee of Civilized nations under your leadership.

Gambians are watching your every step and actions and will judge you accordingly before Allah’s Judgment finally sets in. It is therefor better late than never.

Mr. President, those sycophants who will tell you Pa Njie Girigara does respect you will not dare tell me that face to face. We all know each other and I never ate or owe a single butut to no one. You know me enough as an independent businessman, a politician and freedom fighter. Yaya Jammeh suffered the same faith when he accepted to be elevated to the rank of a Demi-God. Please take heed of the advice of people who do not depend on government to survive. These people will generally tell you the truth and here my mind goes to Late Alh. Musa Njie of Blessed Memory a mentor and a brother to me an Honorable Muslim elder indeed.

Mr. President, so far you made very good appointments appreciated by Gambians please continue to do so without fear or favor.

Finally Mr. President, fear no one but Allah for Allah will ask you alone how you govern the Gambia.

Thank You Sir and Happy Independence Day.

Your Brother Pa Njie Girigara.

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