Dear Journalists (Fellow Gambians),


There is serious problem at the University of The Gambia. Very serious problem. Ordinarily today is not a day to be sending you this kind of mail given that it is not only our independence day BUT a day that our chosen leader is been formerly installed after a long long painful battle that all of us have in one way or the other fought to ensure a new Gambia. I will go straight to the point. 

Some crooks (Senior Management Staff) of the University of The Gambia (UTG) have staged a Coup de tat against the institution, democracy, the country and even against ‘common sense’. They (Senior Management i.e., VC, DVC, Some Deans, Registrar etc) have purchased brand new cars for themselves at a cost of no less than D1.5m each. This criminality and complete disregard for common sense barely 30 days into the administration of a new Government of change is very DISTURBING. 

A most annoying part of it is that these crooks PERSONALIZED the cars, which means they are entitled to take it away when they leave the institution. This is criminal, especially at a time when students do not even have classes to learn in. Some students stand in classes while in some cases classes are held under the trees. 

The facts are clear and the UTG may explode any moment from now. The staff and students are very angry and a staff meeting was conveyed yesterday evening (Feb 17th) to discuss the best way to react. I will not tell you of the final decision taken by the staff for obvious reason of confidentiality but I am sure you can find out if you probe independently.

It was evident that these idiots and criminals calling themselves administrators had their sympathizers (staff) attend the meeting and one could see them making suggestions at the meeting that would favour the thieves (Senior Management) in our midst. 

One of suggestion in the lips of many is that these men (about 7 of them) be made to return the new posh flashy Cars OR the money back to the institution. It is stupidity for management to even think of buying Second hand cars at this hour not to talk of new cars. What VALUE do the cars add to UTG and the business of EDUCATION? 

The ring leader of these Coup plotters is widely believed to be one Momodu Jain (PhD) of Physics department. He is the Dean of School of Computer Science.  The man is sick. Very sick in the brain. All he cares about is money, money, money and money. If men like him remain in UTG then sooner than later this our only and beloved University system will be damaged beyond repair. This fellow is so canny that you may not even find his signature on any document ratifying the purchase but EVERYONE knows he is the man behind all this broad daylight stealing. 

I sent this to you because I know the power the media can play and how journalists can help solve a problem like this and nip it in the mud before the culture of stealing escalates and becomes intractable in our beloved UTG.

Some staff you can speak with if you care are
 (1) Dr Pierre Gomez  
(2) Dr Seday Yapha
(3) Dr Ismaila Ceesay

Alternatively, chose your source or contact persons. Help us in UTG to do the right thing…that is, “RETURN the cars or the money”. If the sale of the cars fall short of original cost, then the balance should be deducted monthly from all the people involved until our scare resource (money) is recovered in full. Yahya Jammeh has gone and it should not be a license to steal.

Thank You.
Concerned Gambian (Senior Lecturer, UTG)

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