The Freedom Newspaper is still blocked in The Gambia, Saihou Mballow, a Gambian political activist has revealed. Mr. Mballow is currently visiting Banjul after many years living in exile. This followed investigations conducted by this medium to verify the veracity of reports intimating that the blockage on the Freedom Newspaper that was imposed by dictator Jammeh, has been lifted. Mr. Mballow has made numerous attempts to login into the Freedom Newspaper website but he couldn’t get through. He also used his Iphone mobile to access the paper without success. Mr. Mballow uses the Africell network during his tireless efforts to read Gambia’s premier online Newspaper, without much success.  Mr. Mballow was able to access all the Gambian online websites operating in the US, and Europe, except the Freedom Newspaper.  Mr. Mballow said he was able to listen to Freedom Radio Gambia through the Iphone and Android Apps, but the paper has been blocked. 

During the week, someone told us that he was able to access the Freedom Newspaper, which used to be blocked by former dictator Yahya Jammeh. He said the paper is up and running in the Gambia. Now multiple sources have complained to us that the paper is still blocked in the Gambia

The new administration of Adama Barrow, has promised to liberalize the Internet in the Gambia. We hope the government of president Adama Barrow, will make the Internet accessible to Gambians as promised—so that their right to read and access independent news will not be violated. 

Corrupt governments are in the business of censoring the Internet. Hence, the erstwhile, Gambian dictator Jammeh decided to block the Freedom Newspaper in an attempt to hide his corrupt and murderous crimes. The blockage never prevented us from exposing him beyond redemption. Millions of people read our site world wide. Gambians both at home and abroad strive to read the paper any second, minute, and by the hour to abreast themselves about political developments unfolding in their country. 

Mr. Saihou Mballow is a human rights activist. We want to thank him for his courage in exposing the past administration. His work centered on human rights research, documentation and reporting. He has contributed immensely in ending dictatorship in the Gambia.

We hope the  new government will create conducive environment for the media, human rights campaigners and citizens to operate freely without any hindrance. The government should also encourage whistle blowing in offices in  an attempt to end official corruption. 

The European Union and other donor partners have criticized the former Jammeh dictatorship for failing to allow Gambians to access online websites especially the Freedom Newspaper. Hence, the EU decided to include Internet Freedom as part of its aids package to the impoverished West African country. Thanks for your attention.

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