Police in the Gambia have arrested over fifty supporters of the former Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. The crackdown, followed reports of an altercation between the supporters of the ruling Transition government and the opposition APRC party. The incident happened around Kamfenda, in the Fonis.

Some of the arrested APRC supporters were moved to the Kombos for further processing. Police said the APRC supporters were unruly while the opposition supporters drove pass Kamfenda. Hence, a confrontation occurred between the two camps.

APRC surrogates have dismissed the police assertion saying such claims are false and unfounded. The APRC officials said the alleged incident was unprovoked. They accused the new Interior Minister Mai Fatty, of using his position to crackdown on Jammeh supporters.

Sulayman Single Nyassi, an APRC activist and staunch supporter took on Facebook and his online radio hours after the mass arrest of the APRC supporters to accuse Interior Minister Mai Fatty of declaring a war against the minority Jolla tribe. Mr. Nyassi, whose late father was among the founding members of the opposition UDP, switched his allegiance to the former ruling APRC. He accuses Mr. Fatty was ordering for the arrest of innocent women, men, youths and juveniles in the Fonis. He alleged that Fatty’s main agenda is to wipe the Jollas out of the Gambia. 

In his latest tirades against Minister Fatty, Mr. Nyassi, also accused President Macky Sall, of working with Mai Fatty, a man he branded as a “sellout” rented by the Senegalese government to wage a war on the Jolla Community in the Gambia. He said both Fatty and Sall will woefully failed in their quest to end APRC opposition in the Gambia. 

Minister Fatty, could not be reached for comment on Mr. Nyassi’s wild allegations. Mr. Nyassi also mentioned the name of police Commissioner Landing Bojang, as the officer, who coordinated the arrest of the Foni residents. He called on Transition leader Halifa Sallah to step in to end what he calls the “Mai Fatty madness.” Mr. Nyassi vowed that they will not scum to any state organized bullying against the APRC and its supporters. 

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