In furtherance of the efforts of all concern students to ensure that the Senate of the University of The Gambia revoke the penalizing New Grading System that has unreasonably affected the academic progress of students subjected to it, the #BringBackOurGrades movement is created to convene minds of all concern students on the way forward to securing the revocation of the penalizing New Grading System at the soonest possible time.

The #BringBackOurGrades movement shall have the supreme interest of the students, as advanced by the majority, as our recourse.

Recognizing the immense disproportion that exists between the educational conditions and facilities available at the different campuses of the University of The Gambia and the unreasonably high and punitive New Grading System, the #BringBackOurGrades shall conduct routine sessions and outreaches in all campuses to enlighten students on the appalling effects of the New Grading System on their academic career.

We are fully cognizant of the fact that no student has been graduated by the University of The Gambia using this penalizing New Grading System, thus it is still not late to be revoked for the interest of the students.

We implore on the University of The Gambia to revoke this penalizing New Grading System and improve learning conditions and facilities first. 

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Written By A Concerned Student

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