I think it’s clear that Yahya stole money from the treasury, it is also clear our country is broke. Government officials must carefully examine the books to determine the true state of affairs. Once all the evidence is gathered, the Official, task with bringing charges may do so according to our laws and the accused may present himself or herself in front of a judge.

The Barrow administration must refrain from careless and inflammatory public pronouncement without due process. Officials need to show more maturity in the public domain. We understand that the new government is inexperienced and are likely to make mistakes, but please tread carefully, in the new Gambia even accused have rights and they do not deserve to be tried in the court of public opinion by the State.

Halifa Sallah is commended for his public pronouncements and performance. Mai Fatty needs to stop posing for photo ops. The job of interior is tedious and serious, it should be done meticulously away from public glare.
God Bless The Gambia.

Written By Dr Isatou Sarr.

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