Dear Sirs/Mesdames

University is a place for learning which entails development of skills to be used in solving problems to better lives for mankind. It is not a place for one to seek comfort or pursue personal agenda.

To Mr. Vice Chancellor, when you were appointed, I had no reservations about your qualification and competence, but what I was worried about was the people that would surround. I believed that if you were not being cautious, some will try to get closer to you to mislead you. Today, it seems that’s what is happening. You need to take charge and act in the best interest of the students. Without the students, there will be no university.

The recent allegation that the management spent huge sums of money to buy vehicles for the senior management team, if true, should be addressed forthwith. Any decision you and the Council make must be in the interest of the students. I do not believe the vehicles acquired are for the students, instead, they are for the use of some senior managers. That to me is improper. The amount could have been spent on facilitating transportation for the students instead of trying to make some senior managers comfortable. Please, to do justice, return those vehicles and use the money to cater for the welfare of the students. They should be your priority and not members of the senior management team.

I believe in many other universities, and to be specific, University of Oklahoma College of Law which I attended, the professors, members of faculty, deans, and even the presidents used their own vehicle. I’m not aware of any member of the management team being allocated vehicle for even official use. These people have enough resources at their disposal but still they do not abuse it. That sum spent on the vehicles could have been put into a better use by paying for the tuition fees of outstanding and needy students. This will motivate them a lot.

To the members of the Council, I believe you were selected to be on the board because you know what is expected of you. Your role is to serve the students and nobody else. I must say that I am disappointed in your approval of such a colossal amount of money on luxury when the students are struggling. Taking into account the country’s economic situation, it’s reasonable to draw the conclusion that the decision is a waste.

To the members of the senior management team, if I were you, I will not even drive in those vehicles. Please tell the Vice Chancellor and the Council to rescind the purchase. The money could have been better spent. Your comfort is not the University’s priority.

To the Faculty and Staff Association, I respect your decision to stand against the alleged wasteful conduct as regards the purchase of the vehicles, however, I do not agree with you calling the Vice Chancellor incompetent and asking for his resignation. That was uncalled for. We should be able to handle our issues without resorting to unnecessary bickering.

No one will resign, nobody will be fired and no one will lose his/her job! You all should get this. You should find a common ground, put your differences aside and work for the common interest of the students. The welfare of the students is my concern. I STAND WITH THE STUDENTS.


Written By: Mr. Samsideen Conteh, Esq.

An Alumnus     

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