ECOMIG Forces recently received over three hundred bags of rice, cooking oil, cattle, and other provisions from the exiled Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh, amid acute food shortages facing the Gambian army command, Freedom Radio Gambia can reveal. A request was made for Jammeh to bailout some of the army barracks currently running out of ration, sources said. The dictator then instructed his surrogates on the ground to allow the ECOMIG forces to take over 300 bags of rice from his warehouse in Kanilai. Mr. Jammeh still has control over some of his assets and properties in the Gambia, although some of his luxurious cars have fallen into wrong hands. That’s a separate story. We will delve into that later.

It is not clear if the Coalition government is privy to the recent Jammeh rice, oil, and meat gift to the ECOMIG Forces, but sources embedded into the security forces have confirmed the story. Our sources said such a gift was extended to the security forces by Jammeh. 

“The former president Yahya Jammeh was contacted to help feed the soldiers. The soldiers ration is finished. We had to seek his permission before using the rice, cattle, and condiments he left behind. We are running out of ration. Hence, the command felt the need to engage the former dictator to come to our rescue,” he said.

Mr. Jammeh’s businesses are up and running. He recently ordered his mosque in Gunjur closed. Following protests by the locals, the mosque was reopened.

The Barrow government should clear the air on this latest report of Jammeh feeding the soldiers in our barracks. It is the responsibility of the government to feed the soldiers and not a wanted former criminal dictator.

Kanilai is a crime scene. Jammeh’s stolen assets and properties must be thoroughly investigated before accepting any gifts from him. An APRC surrogate close to the dictator said: “ You guys do not know what is happening. The other day, the former president even had to intervene to feed the soldiers. They complained to him that their ration is finished. Acting out of magnanimity, Jammeh instructed his agents on the ground to give them some rice, oil, and cattle.”

The ECOMIG Forces and the Barrow government could not be reached for comment.

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