Honorable Minister,

The State coffers are empty. We have huge loans to pay. We have barely two months of import cover. The task in front you in monumental. Here are some suggestions to handle the huge financial audit task you are entrusted to handle for the New Gambia government.

  • Issue a national and international expression of interest to Audit firms.
  • Make an arrangement with them in such a manner that Government will only pay based on audit results.
  • Payments based on pro-rata will only be made when the courts are able to recover the amounts reported in their audit findings.

This way Gambia government will not spend money on unsubstantiated findings and reports. This method will compel the contracted Audit Firms to diligently scrutinize their findings, as only the Courts will have the final say for them to be paid their fees.

We all know the depth of the economic crimes of the past regime is huge and span 22 years. The audit exercise will take a long time to complete and will free the ministry to concentrate on restructuring and development agendas.

Thank you for your attention Sir.

I remain yours,

Pa Njie Girigara.

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