Dear Pa Njie Girigara,

Thank you for your write up captioned “Good Morning Mr. President-With Pa Njie Girigara”. Am not sure if you want to be an adviser to our dear President or otherwise trying to play with our intelligence in your endless articles and most especially the last article regarding Alhaji Ibrahima Pesseh Njie, Lawyer Mariam Denton and Femy Peters. Am realizing in your endless articles that you are somewhat a HYPOCRITE instead of a good adviser. NELSON MANDELA of South Africa didn’t fight for freedom for material gains or for positions. Mandela paved a way for every decent South African and humanity at large.

As a SO-CALLED close family member to the president why not try and sit with the president or send him a mail and advise or remind him on such matters if you really mean good.

The names you mentioned in your write up did not and will never complain of the sufferings they have experienced. Why in the first place you delegate yourself as their mouthpiece? Most Gambians including myself who suffered in the fight for the freedom of the GAMBIA from the tyranny of Yahya Jammeh today feel contented with or without positions. The fruit of what we fought for can be enjoyed in generations to come and by our kids in a conducive and democratic Gambia to live.

I am kindly appealing to you to stop the hypocrisy and set the records straight.


Written By A Concerned Gambian

Editors note: Dear concerned Gambian, please be civil in your presentation. Let communicate our views responsibly.  Thanks.  

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