The French Jeune Afrique online paper, is reporting that the newly unsworn Gambian handpicked “Vice President” Fatoumatta Jallow Tambajang, now the Minister for Women’s affairs, was recently caught on a hot mic trash talking the Guinean president Alpha Conde, after she was insisting to be  given the floor to speak at the just concluded AU Summit in Addis Ababa, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal.  This followed a report adopted by the Summit. But Ms. Tambajang wanted to make her views heard, but she was informed that the session on the said topic was closed.

Running out of patience with the Guinean leader, Ms. Tambjang, who doesn’t know that her mic was on made a remark that president Condeh “is a crazy man.” Her remarks were captured by the international and local press at the meeting. Almost everyone heard her ranting. 

Upon realizing that she was on a hot mic, Ms. Tambajang, tried to downplay her remarks by telling her peers that she meant to say “it is crazy” and not that president Conde was crazy. She even tried to meet with the Guinean leader to clear herself, but Conde declined to meet her.

The Heads of State in attendance at the Summit including president Conde, heard the raging former Jammeh Health Minister, now the Minister of Women’s Affairs overseeing the office of the Vice President, branding president Conde as a crazy man.

This was Ms. Tambajang’s first official trip after the Barrow government had taken power from the exiled Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh. Ms. Tambajang was entangled in a hot mic scandal. 

Mr. Conde, and the Mauritanian president were instrumental in convincing Jammeh to relinquish power. One leader, who felt insulted by Ms. Tambjang, was president Conde of Guinea. 

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