Good morning Honorable Minister of Interior Mai Fatty.

Honorable Minister,

The Gambia Security Forces are hugely overstaffed. The army, the police and the Immigration departments have been used to staff lot people not based on departmental requirement but on political affiliations and family relations.

The government budgets for the above departments are overstretch and need urgent review. Hereunder please find my suggestions:

  • Make a thorough screening of all the above staff members including officers.
  • Scale down the sizes of the personnel of the above departments.
  • Pay three months salaries minimum to ALL would-be relieved staff from the above departments after the screening exercise.
  • Encourage them to redeploy as farmers, gardeners, giving them back the many Kanilai farms spread throughout the country which they were used to work FREE of CHARGE for ex-president Yaya Jammeh.
  • Encourage some of them to recycle into other trade jobs such as carpenters, masons, iron benders and steel product makers, mechanics, electricians and builders. Government training institutes can be used to help provide the above skills.
  • Ask International Organizations to fund both the retrenchment packages and the training programs.

I hope the above points will help to recycle the above over staffed departments and reduce the budget the burden on future Government expenditures.

Thank you for your attention Sir.

Yours Faithfully.

Pa Njie Girigara.

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