Dear Mr. Mbai,

I would like to contribute to this issue following your commentary on it. I want to state clearly that indeed you can act for a position higher than your substantive post. This is a common practice in governments and international organizations.

In the case of acting for a higher position, say Deputy PS acting as PS, there is normally a specific duration which the acting must not exceed. However, if you are overseeing and performing a function higher than your substantive position, you are paid what is called a “charge allowance” in some jurisdictions including The Gambia, until the substantive holder for the higher position is appointed.

We also need to understand that this is a Coalition government. Therefore, certain individuals were identified for certain positions during negotiations to seal the Coalition Agreement which got us to where we are today. Even though we are about 2 million Gambians, President Barrow must respect the understanding reached among Coalition members regarding allocation of political portfolios. Failure to do this can bring bad blood within the Coalition, wreck the new government and put the New Gambia in a state of political paralysis.

I think President Barrow should be applauded for modifying the terms of appointment for Madam Tambajang to accommodate the concerns and respect the dictates of the constitution. 


From a Concerned Gambian

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