To a UDP militant called Maxs.

Maxs my good old pal at Kaironews greetings to you. Thanks for blowing my cover and reveal my many sydo-names online. However I started writing articles for freedom newspaper since 2009 under older sydo-names. When I last check I wrote over 300 articles for freedom and few for Kaironews in 2015-2016.

I went to kaironews for three reasons, 1- it’s a UDP party inclined online newspaper and I was a sympathizer. 2- the forum was vibrant and very civil. 3- I learnt the mandinka language by religiously listening to the Thursday program although I am a Sarahuleh who cannot speak the language perfectly. Loll.

Maxs, if I have to apologize to a man or political party, it is Halifa Sallah and PDOIS and I use this opportunity to apologize to him and tell him RESPECT. 

Maxs, you and I fought tooth and nail for the party-led method of selecting a flag bearer against the primary-led method defended by Bax and others in the forum. It was real fun and political awareness to the highest level of discuss. I miss you guys a lot.

I wish to make it categorically clear here that I am not the SOLDIER of freedom newspaper and Pa Ndery Mbai can attest to that since you are a whistle blower. Lol.

Well Maxs, since am not a political party militant I have the latitude to flow from one spectrum to the other. I helped the APRC, then the UDP and finally the GDC.

My moral support depends on historical circumstances and as free man I suffer no influence from any quarter at all. My guidance is base on my conscience being a cadre student of Kwame Nkrumah whose ideology I espouse since 1972 in the US with the party called the “AAPRP” All African Peoples Revolutionary Party, created in 1965 in Accra Ghana. Brother Stokely Carmichael alias Kwame Toure was our teacher and mentor back in the days. Brother Lamin Janha was our national coordinator for the Washington DC Chapter. Those Gambians old enough know what I am talking about here. I am an Nkrumahist and a pan Africanist to the core.

Since you people local are party affiliated, I understand your defense based on party line specially now that you are the elected government of the Gambia. Lest we forget President Adama Barrow was a UDP party militant despite contesting on an independent ticket for the Coalition. In shadow terms the UDP party will assume full responsibility of the affairs of the nation today and tomorrow. I know you will disagree with me but it is an undisputable fact. Period. Loll.

Maxs if you see the conditions of Pesseh Njie and Femy Peters you will agree with me. Since you are still in ‘Toubab Banko” you are blinded by snowfall. Loll.

Finally Maxs when are you going to unveil your true identity or is the ghost of JK still-hunting your brain? Loll.

When you are ready to come out of your hole, let me see you in person so I can coop you in the new AAPRP party. ‘Mbaakoko” ‘Etefana?’

Please extend my warm and revolutionary greetings to all at Kaironews.

Have a nice weekend.

Pa Njie Girigara.

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