President Adama Barrow, has lifted the suspension imposed on Africell not to collect international call termination fees, Freedom Radio Gambia can reveal. The president’s office said Africell is now free to collect call termination fees. The earlier decision issued to bar the company from using the Gateway to collect millions of dalasis international call termination fees has been rescinded. PURA, has been accordingly notified by the president’s office. Welcome to the new Gambia. The Animal Farm playbook is at work.

Folks, the Women’s Affairs/VP Fatoumatta Tambajang’s daughter Soma Ann, is the Africell Human Resources Manager. It is not clear if Ms. Tambajang is doing the bidding for Africell to exploit our gateway. Sona,  has been working at Africell well before her mum became the most powerful woman in that government. But the recent reversal of the President’s decision to suspend Africell’s exploitation of our gateway speaks volume.

Few days ago, Muhammed Jah, and Alhagie Njie of the DS2TV crew met the President. Praises were heap on the president. Now,  Africell, has been allowed to exploit our gateway. This government risked been accused of promoting corruption if the gateway issue is not resolved. The Gambia, has the most expensive calling rates today in the world. Some dishonest politicians, bureaucrats, and businessmen, are using our gateway to enrich themselves. This is absurd Gambia!

The Managing Director of Africell Alieu Badara Mbye, a longtime Jammeh enabler, is said to be dating the daughter of Fatoumatta Tambajang, Soma Ann. Mr. Mbye, and Sona are kicking it. She asked Mr. Mbye for her valentine gift on valentine’s day. Staffers were present when she made the remark,  It is a public knowledge within the corridors of Africell that the two are fraternizing at work.

Soma has no serious academic qualifications to earn her that prestigious position of Human Resources Manager.  Her employee file at Africell shows no evidence of her bagging any qualifications. We will get to the story of Alieu Badara Mbye and Sona in our next edition. The duo met with President Barrow, to plead with him to rescind the suspension imposed on collecting call termination fees from foreign telecommunication carriers.


But the ironical thing here is; the president’s office sudden U turn to reverse its earlier decision suspending Africell’s collection of the international call termination fees from the Gateway. This tells you that someone higher up is pulling the strings. Corruption is back to our shores Gambia!

Corruption is breeding in this new government. The issue of our exploited gateway needs to be looked into thoroughly. This government cannot openly promote corruption. There is no justification for the exorbitant call termination fees imposed by the local carriers. Below is the letter we intercepted coming from the office of the president, enabling Africell to further exploit international callers to the Gambia. Please read on…..

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