The recent spate of arrests at the NIA is welcomed by all Gambians. NIA was very much feared by civilians as well as service men and women in the country. They worked in close collaboration with the Gambia Armed Forces military offshoot called the JUNGLERS or Black black as they are fondly called. Both NIA and the Junglers participated in many human right atrocities ranging from torture, enforced disappearances to murder. However, with the torture of UDP Solo Sandeng and co, the Junglers have little or no connection with the affair. Yankuba Badjie, knowing fully well that the Junglers are on the run wants to implicate them in the act but this would not work. He also wants to blame the president for ordering the torture and killing of Solo. Yes, the President supported and affirmed his killing and even promised to use soldiers to wipe out any protesters who dare come out in the streets to demonstrate. Nonetheless, this is not the case; Solo was killed even before the President knew about it all. The president on his return from overseas trip wanted to sack Yankuba owing to the pressure both nationally and internationally. But General Badjie changed his mind. He could not stand the pressure from General Saul Badjie who eventually convinced him that the only way out to silence the opposition was through sheer brutality and he assured the president that nothing would come out of the killing. This theory worked out since no demonstrations were held after the UDP Executive peaceful protest. Yankuba was safe finally.

The torturers, rapists and killers could still be found at the NIA roaming about and not arrested. Those who aided and abetted in Solo’s killing could be found at the NIA Technical department. Almost all mechanics were involved in the beating and killing of Solo Sandeng. I do not know how the police are conducting their investigations- those directly involved are not arrested why? Prominent among the beaters were Jebel Mbowe and Director Omar Bojang. Director Bojang was the man who instigated others to take part and had declared that anyone who did not participate in the beating was not loyal to Yankuba Badjie and the President. “UDP should know that Yaya Jammeh ‘s rule was destined by God and whoever defied that deserved to die,‘’Bojang remarked. He was very close to Yanks and the duo participated in many ugly dealings. Sidat Gibba the chief chef of barbecue shared the joy while Alieu Badjie, Saloum Colley and Saikou Sanneh of Finance took part in the beating.  Director Pa Faye knew very well where SOLO was buried. He took part in carrying the dead body to Tanji and gave him a rough burial. Pa Faye is a toothless person, so he hardly laughs.

DG NIA succeeded very well in turning NIA officers into bullies. NIA mechanics are rough people they used all kinds of weapons that could be found including fan belts etc. during the torture spree. Our NIA mechanics are ruthless, they can hardly read and write. The way to earn promotion was to impress the boss; beat mercilessly. Director Bojang called UDP female detainees Jabbo meaning (onions). He is nicknamed Jabbo. Omar Bojang must be arrested and investigated. Omar Bojang is a rapist he is in love with almost all the cooks. He was responsible for their employment.

Solo Sandeng was beaten in two folds; the first was a celebrated one as he could not walk, talk clearly and brief normally. There was fanfare as he was given a break. They came for him for the second time amidst carrying and yellowing by UDP female detainees who knew very well that he would make it in the second round. They were right Solo died in the second encounter.

When his death was confirmed, Yankuba nearly shit his trousers and ordered all staff to go home. Louis, Sheikh Omar Jeng, Pa Faye and others did not know what to do. But with panic running their faces everybody could tell something had gone wrong and finally we knew Solo had died. There was another rampant speculation at the time that many had also died including Fatoumata Jawara. All NIA officers who were present that night must be questioned to shed more light on Solo’s saga. Sady Gassama the Director of External must be questioned he has a lot in store. The police should invite him. Sheikh Omar is a very proud and arrogant person. This was the guy who pulled a pistol and gun pointed Director Pa Faye during Daba’s time as DG. They fought over a lady called Kuta Baldeh now works at Post Office. Kuta was later impregnated by Jeng and was left scot-free. NIA is interesting!

Fatou Sanneh is another very dangerous element at the NIA. She fell in love with anyone who may be a stumbling block to her progress. She was in love with Yankuba Badjie.  When UDP detainees were given the first night of their brutal torture, Fatou Sanneh organized a party the following day which was celebrated in grand style and was the chief cook. She is not good and is known for her unstoppable butterfly style of love. She is a prostitute. When Sow the New SIS boss was addressing us, look at her posture. She paraded herself in front of DG Sow just to be recognized. Sow transferred her to C.E a very important unit that should be manned by a responsible person. DG Sow must be very careful. Fatou Sanneh is another gold digger of NIA. She must be questioned on Solo’s death. She knows a lot. So many cattle, goats and sheep were slaughtered at NIA at the altar of loyalty to the former regime.

My office at the NIA as I love to call the agency because the name legally remains NIA would come up with the true story of how Ndure Cham was hunted, arrested, investigated and finally killed. Those responsible will be named on Freedom Newspaper. The two Americans; Jobe and Ceesay who were killed and how it happened will be on Freedom as well.

Written By An Insider 

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