Gambia: Gambian Takes Issue With Africell


Rubbish companies like Africell should be…. off as they raise their ugly heads in Africa, as they in truth represent the most anti-African enterprises of all times, probably in line with Portuguese slave trade represent the worst of the worst enterprises that Africa could ever, ever ,ever hope for.

You don’t have to take my word for it just ask the African/Gambian staff that work there. Bloody unskilled Lebanese or outsider workforce by anyone’s standard receiving close to twenty time, to thirty, to fifty times the Gambian work force, of course such a company would want an Human resources Manager who, not only was not qualified for her position, but was also comfortable with the injustice of selling off to an equally  desperate Gambian CEO. 

This can only be the outcome of 400 years of conditioning into lack of self awareness that am CERTAIN will come to hunt this Government in the same way, perhaps that the seemingly innocent but it turns out, insensitive act of insulting the Mandinkas cost the Jammeh Government dearly.

Africell, should be strategically banned from ever operating in the Gambia because of their racism, bloody mindedness against their Gambian staff and the Gambia in general, and if possible prosecuted for racial profiling and discrimination and their assets seized.  Am sure other, far more decent  companies are waiting in the wings to earn the 35% return on their investment that Africell is currently earning in Africa. Remember the most any company can hope to earn these days in Europe is less than 2% return on their investment, YES 2.5% return per annum will get any CEO rehired on the spot, but in Africa, these CEOs are, thanks to the corruption, unschooling,  and dictatorial nature of African governments, the continent is being fleeced of at the rate of 35% return on investment, and largely tax free too!!!

Kick Africell out they, from talking to their staff, are out and out racist! period. ” if the fish comes out of the water and says the crocodile has one eye, who is man enough to deny – because then one would have to jump into the water where the crocodile reside to investigate”.  When in doubt ask the workers, people in the coal face – this is good policy and has been perfected by TOYOTA for all to see..

We must be wise to the fact that racist outfit like Africell, like in the times of old when slavery largely operated by divide and conquer – chief brought into the fold to better facilitate the capture and enslavement of ordinary African people) remain keen to  appoint so called coconut Gambian CEO (black on the outside, but serving the interest of the whites Lebanese vis-a-vis-the-African in the inside. Moreover, it should also be remembered that any Gambian will find it more than one-hundred million times easier to set up and operate a business in Ku klux Klan Territory than in Lebanon, or where ever, these companies come from.  

African governments need to show these outside impostors that we cannot be messed around with by companies because we have much to lose. And we have! Check their tax returns and payments and, I bet one will be shocked by what one finds – Probably as bad a transgression as those of the Jammeh’s who have never even bothered to contribute to the coffers in the form of taxation, whilst all the time professing their love for the mother country! 

And if checks are done as thoroughly as those carried out on Jammeh’s financial dealings, you too can bet what will be found!

Written By A Concerned Gambian

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