Dear Madam Njie Saidy and Speaker Bojang,

If some people forget why Solo Sandeng died, we who made sure that ex-President Yaya Jammeh paid for it for his exit shall NEVER forget. Solo Sandeng and his comrades died for 13 points electoral reforms demand agreed by ALL Gambians both at home and in the diaspora who wanted CHANGE.

We are aware that a new bill is about to be tabled at the National Assembly for the lifting of the age limit of the Presidency and the Vice Presidency in our constitution. So be it.

We, however, hereby appeal to you Honorable members of the House to include in the proposed new bill the 13 points electoral and constitutional reforms that our Comrade Solo Sandeng horribly died for and that Lawyer Darboe and Co. went to jail for as well.

We want you to remember when passing this new bill the memory of the victim’s families of the UDP and others before Solo Sandeng and include the 13 points in the bill and add even more amendments needed in our democratic dispensation ONCE and for ALL.

By doing so Honorable members, not only will you solve and individual’s problem but you will also solve a whole nation’s problem now and in the future.

We want you Honorable members to be seen to do the right thing for the whole nation and not only for one SINGLE individual’s satisfaction.

We want you to represent the Nation and the future generations to come to enjoy the full democratic rights of the people of this country. By doing so you will earn our RESPECT. Not doing so will earn you our disrespect for being selfish, corrupt and being dealers in the dark at back of the people of this country. The choice is yours.

Madam ex-Vice President and Speaker Bojang your ex-President Yaya Jammeh is gone and shall NEVER be president in this country again, NEVER. It therefore is left to your conscience as the Majority in the House TODAY, to uplift your moral and civic duty values by thinking NATIONAL instead of individual.

Gambians will again record what you will approve on next sitting and will either applaud or hate you more.

The CHOICE is yours and no one on the face of the earth can FORCE you to go west or east. It will be your full choice to either help the nation as whole by including the 13 points and more amendments or solve a problem of a single individual for selfish purposes.

We all know, specially the politicians, that dealing with you NOW before the next Parliamentary elections is much easier than waiting for a future house which only GOD knows the composition.

Politics being what it is, we hereby urge you Honorable members of the House to think act GLOBAL in any new bill.

We thank you your attention.

Long Live the Gambia.

We rest our case.

Pa Njie Girigara.

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