Dear Pa,

I want to thank you for the good job you are doing for Gambians. I heard you the other time in one of your radio programs you mentioned that the Atlantic hotel was used as a processing center for the NIA. Well, that was true. That is why today that place is not fit to operate as a hotel anymore not even to operate as a motel. The conditions are unhygienic, dirty and all the equipment are rusty and old.
As a true citizen of this country, I want you to investigate this hotel which was bought by the late Libyan leader Ghadaffi since 1999. Immediately following his death in 2011, the ownership of most of his investments in the country have been surrounded in mystery with some cowboys attempting to take control and claiming ownership when their is still no proper Government in Libya. 
The Atlantic hotel was owing the former government over D200 million in tax arrears PLUS as unpaid balance of the sale agreement. There is a British-born Libyan guy driving around town fraudulently claiming ownership of the hotel of course being assisted in this fraud by certain Gambians(we will expose them later) who wants to have a share in the pie. 
It was a good move by this new government to request all those whose properties were confiscated by the ex-president to provide adequate records for the reasons for closure or confiscation of their properties. Not all claimants are genuine. Many are trying to take advantage of the situation to rob Gambians. That is why we are providing you with genuine documents so that authorities can judge for themselves whether these people have any genuine claim. There is no record of settlement of their tax liabilities to the GRA.
The Atlantic hotel properties also include the flight catering unit and a restaurant at the airport. At the time of the closure, the Gambian authorities either allowed the catering units to operate or they were not rightly informed about the existing of these two restaurants. 
Pa, Please investigate this important story.
Written By An Insider 
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