I just want to start by confirming your story about the role of Fatoumata Tambjang in the Africell Saga.  On February 13th, Badara Mbye, Soma Ann and Hussein (Sine) Diab met with Fatoumata Tambajang at Kairaba Hotel where Mrs. Tambajang is based.  They came with their files and essentially made a deal for the Minister Tambajang to help them.  Needless to say, the end result is what you saw in the letter overriding the PURA letter.  It was in fact Barrow who ordered PURA to write that letter to Barrow but Tambajang managed to get Barrow to overrule himself. 

This episode has not only made Barrow look unprepared, but dubious as well.  Madame Tambajang is however the person in charge of things in The Gambia.  Ousainou Darboe was a good friend of her late husband and was one of the people who delivered the colanuts for her marriage to the late Mr. Tambajang. 

Because Darboe is still recovering from his 11 months in Mile 2, he is constantly exhausted and half asleep most of the time.  Barrow on the other hand is a well-meaning guy with a clean heart but totally clueless about strategy or statecraft.   In this vacuum of power has stepped in Fatoumata Tambajang.  She is really the one running the show and her top priority right now is how to enrich herself and her family.  In fact, Aja Tambajang her other daughter together with Alpha Barry are acting as the new fixers of Gambia.   

Tambajang on the other hand is dead set on being made VP no matter the consequences.  At this present moment, if something happens to Barrow, then the next President becomes the Speaker of the House.  But Tambajang is moving everything and Africell is moving left, right and center for the APRC MPs to amend the constitution for her benefit.  

In general folks, we need to shut down Afrcell as soon as we get a patriotic government in place.  These people who were corrupting Yaya Jammeh have now hijacked our government and even Barrow is behaving like an employee of Africell. Instead of protecting the interests of the country, Barrow is now unwittingly helping Africell cheat the Gambian people thanks to Fatoumata Tambajang.  

But people lets not discourage, let’s make sure that the whole world knows about any corruption that’s going on in our country.  

I take this opportunity to ask The Solider to please reactivate the network again so that we can expose all the corruption to the world.

Written By Gambia’s Deep Throat

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