Honorable Minister,

Ex- President Yaya Jammeh made you leave your country and live in exile in Dakar Senegal. Yaya Jammeh could not have done what he did to Gambians for 22 years if he did not have powerful ENABLERS to aid him in his dictatorial enterprise. As such he depended heavily on three main groups namely, the Security, the Politicians and the Business community.

Honorable Minister I will address the last group of Jammeh enablers above mentioned, the business enablers. Chief amongst his enablers, we find one GSM company that advertises in all its billboards the pictures of Yaya Jammeh and Zeinab Jammeh.  This private GSM company is one the biggest financial and material contributors of Yaya Jammeh’s official programs from birthday celebrations to July 22nd celebrations to Jammeh Foundation celebrations and activities.

This particular private GSM Company has now switch allegiance from ex- president Yaya Jammeh to our new President Adama Barrow in a heartbeat. So be it, but by doing this U-turn this private GSM Company should not also take the laws of the telecoms industry in its hands and introduce an international service that PURA did not authorize in the first place. This company dares NOT do what they did illegally with dictator Jammeh without seeing themselves at the NIA or Miles 2 prisons and have their license revoked, their assets confiscated without due process. Period!

Other private GSM companies refused to follow suit on this illegality and preferred to wait for PURA’s approval in order start offering the international service and we the citizens of the Gambia commend them for respecting the laws of land.

I now take this particular opportunity to thank QCELL for teaming up with 2Stv to offer Gambians and the world viewers’ first class television coverage during our 52nd Independence celebrations and swearing in of our new President.

Honorable Minister, if PURA is not respected in its decisions, then there is no need for its existence for it undermines its authority which does not auger well and will set precedence for others to bypass it and ignore and belittle its appointed officials.

This bad practice of not respecting authority as existed in the past regime of Dictator Jammeh will only breed contempt, demoralizes workers and introduce a laissez faire attitude that in the short run will generate lawlessness and a break in the chain of command. This is not good in our New Gambia that we hardly fought for.

Honorable Minister it your duty to protect PURA if you want serious International Investors and Companies to invest and boost the Gambia’s telecommunications industry.

Finally Honorable Minister Gamtel/ Gamcel should be quickly privatized to enable it to compete effectively without its hands tied with bureaucratic and government administrative controls.

Thank you for attention.

Pa Njie Girigara.

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