I hereby write for you to probe into the above mentioned agency in the Gambia. This Agency is one place where there was total mismanagement of affairs.

The former President planted one of his relatives from the Army after firing many of the top guys there. It should be noted that the Agency benefited from a lot of aid from the Japanese Government and many more. From heavy-duty caterpillars, trucks and many more equipment.

Lately, these machines were used purely for Jammeh’s sand mining, etc. From the info, I got just before the elections, one of the caterpillars got stuck along the beach side around Kachumeh on sea front and is still there.

I would like you to do your own investigation on the matter and report to Gambian public.

The man heading the Agency is called Col. Alagi Sanneh.

I would be grateful if I get feedback on your investigations.



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