Gambia’s Interior Minister Mai Fatty, has declared that Halifa Sallah, of the PDOIS opposition party, is no longer the Spokesperson of the Transitional government led by Adama Barrow. Mr. Fatty, has made it abundantly clear that Sallah cannot speak on behalf of the government—given the recent appoint of Demba Ali Jawo, as the Minister of Communication, and Amie Bojang Sissoho, as the State House press Director.

Mr. Fatty, fired Sallah, in a typical president Trump’s former apprenticeship show on NBC Cable Network ” You are fired.” He also never informed Sallah officially about his firing. Mr. Sallah might have learned about his firing in the media.

It is not clear what must have occasioned Fatty’s latest diatribe against the PDOIS leader.  Fatty went on record to send Sallah packing, who overtime has become his political strange bedfellow. 

“The Coalition government has no spokesman. The only Spokesman mandated to speak on behalf of the government is the Minister of Information Demba Ali Jawo, and Amie Bojang Sissoho, president Barrow’s Director of press. The coalition is not a political party. All political parties have their own spokesman. Nobody is now competent to speak on behalf of the government besides the people mentioned herein. Anyone, who tells you that he has been mandated to speak on behalf of the president is not telling you the truth. Jawo and Amie are the ones mandated to speak on behalf of the government,” Mai Fatty said.

Mr. Fatty was speaking to reporters on Sunday, shortly after a news conference held by the opposition UDP, GMC, and NRP. The three parties have formed a tactical alliance to contest the upcoming National Assembly elections. Fatty used the occasion to fire Mr. Sallah.

Mr. Sallah and Mai Fatty, had a history of contradicting each other in the early days of the Transition government. Sallah, has on numerous occasion debunked some of the messages spewed online by the firebrand Interior Minister. Chief among Mai’s messages was when Fatty, claimed that couple millions were stolen by the former dictator Yahya Jammeh’s, two weeks leading to his fall. Sallah debunked Fatty’s claims saying in the absence of an authoritative findings such claims cannot be tenable. He implored on Fatty to abstain from meddling on a domain beyond the scope of the Executive.

Of recent, Halifa Sallah, also called out  the Transition government, when Mai Fatty tabled two bills; one for the repealing of the Election Act, and the other for the amendment of the age limit associated with the office of the president and vice president. Sallah opined that the relevant section of the constitution Mai Fatty invoked to amend the age limit for the presidency and vice president was erroneous. Hence, he called for the re-tabling of the proposed amendment bill to comply with the relevant provision of the constitution. 

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