Mr. Malick Njock Jagne, is responsible for state aircraft project. The state aircraft of The Gambia a challenger 601 business jet, the last 4 years only flying 10 hrs, but the government uses taxpayers money around 2.000.000 USD for maintenance because of mismanagement.

The real costs for this airplane 200.000 USD for one flight hour now, because of mismanagement. Normally you operate this airplane for really cheap price per flight hour.

A lot of governments around the world use this type of aircraft because the engines gun proved and the airplane operation cheap and safe.

However, the GCAA not able, not qualified and lazy to watch over the safety requirements for this state aircraft.

This government  miss all the limitations of this airplane until today.

Nobody wants to fly under the regulation of this GCAA. They hire pilots but not paid the salaries.

They let the state airplane fly without insurance coverage. In case the airplane crash the President don’t have Insurance and the family nothing.

They let the airplane fly with 5 years no maintenance inspection for the navigation computer.

Nobody watching the people and the International Civil Aviation Organisation ICAO investigate this illegal operation.

The State Aircraft CL-601 currently 2 years in Germany for inspection. The inspection costs around 30.000 USD.

The inspection costs currently more than 200.000 USD. This, because the GCAA not qualified to made safety checks and test flights with this aircraft.

Also the contract Instructor chief captain from Germany, but then the instructor cancelled because no payment.

This airplane now grounded in Germany. The Instructor captain of this Airplane not paid.

The GCAA forced the Crew to fly without training and insurance in the past. They have no training and no licence to fly. They never had enough landing experience to fly this aircraft.

But the GCAA give them pilot licence. This is a big corruption scandal. One of the pilots several times in USA prison. The GCAA never check background of this people.

The member from GCAA travelling across Europe and waste taxpayers money.

But the airplane never flying and the President has to charter Airplane, which is extraordinary expensive.

Why they don’t use own airplane? Because GCAA can not fix the problem. They have no technical knowledge about this aircraft.

Maintenance companies give expensive quotations and invoices but nobody check the progress of the maintenance. They want to pay 500.000 USD for fake invoice. Nobody check, they want to share money with maintenance.

Until now the airplane in Germany and finish around 6 months, but the GCAA not interested to bring the airplane back to the Gambia.

This scandal is big, because taxpayers money used for state aircraft never flying.

Only because the GCAA people have no plan.

Written By Otto

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