There you have it. Earlier I questioned whether in fact the Gambia had not jumped from the cooking pot into the fire.  I think we have for all intent and purposes.  But don’t take my word for it, just wait and see!   It’s also a shame that at least in certain respect s at least Jammeh was right!

Poor Gambia, once a dictatorial rule, always a dictatorial rule, just of different hues!  This latest set of dictators, might be harder to dislodge, but it can be done, but it will take nothing less than a violent revolution.  Come on Gambia, every nation has been through its own revolution at least once in their long road to freedom; South Africa, USA, UK, France, Eastern Europe, China, Russia, The Arab Spring, and the list goes on. Military hardware could not stop these people in their tracks, and Gambians should be no different.

The reason why only a violent revolution will do in the Gambia is that we have the worst case scenario of whereby politicians of all hues, have generally found it more rewarding  to cater to subgroups defined by religion, ethnicity, language or local grievance, rather than the broader national interest, as evidenced by the over representation of the Mandinka, UDPs, and Fulani in the coalition to the expense of other categories , and now the seemingly open hostilities to the Jollofs, and Jola ethic/language category.  

And for now, this is fine because Macky Sall, the man with the military hardware is Fulani, and of course the Mandinkas are a majority language group. But as everyone knows, things can change very quickly indeed in the African political landscape, and sometimes, with devastating consequences and ripple effects.  This makes the present Gambian model of politicking, or catering to religion, ethnicity, language or local grievance, and sometimes …. [It made no sense to release criminal elements back in the community, if they could not at the same time be released into the state house] quite unstable. 

Written By A Concerned Reader 

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