Following my last writeup, I am pleased to report that Madame Fatoumata Tambajang has been asked by Barrow to return the funds Africell gave to her for the purposes of overturning the PURA directive.  It is unclear whether she has returned the $2 million cash. In the meantime, Africell is operating with a carte blanche and able to do whatever it wants in Gambia, as the Lebanese tycoons retain control of the Gambian economy. 

Muhammad Bazzi still is in charge of water, electricity, petrol, gasoil, and Gambian passports. The Barrow Administration is however coming under heavy international pressure to eject Bazzi as law enforcement officials become worried that Bazzi is still the king of Gambian business despite his notorious reputation. 

Barrow still has the Jammeh people running the government.  Edward Graham, is running the Social Security and Housing Finance Corporation, where the employees are busy looting the accounts of retirees.  For the past 6 months, they have refused to provide statements to retirees indicating how much money is in their accounts.  SSHFC employees are also transferring money from the accounts of contributors to those of their friends and families all under the sleeping eyes of the Barrow clueless government.  People don’t even know how much money they have in their SSHFC accounts.  I urge all people to insist on getting their account statements from the SSHFC as this is their legal right.

The GNPC on the other hand is still under the management of Babucarr Njie, who is now famous for the number of people that he helped send to Mile 2 through false testimony.  Together with a married employee with whom he is having an affair, they are running the GNPC with no oversight whatsoever and are spending the Corporations money as their own as they have no minister to oversee them.  In December, they used the GNPC money to buy dollars for Bazzi in the black market outside of the norms of all accounting practices. 

In the meantime, I would like to confirm that Oumar Thorpe together with Samuel Sarr and Amadou are indeed the closest operators to Pres Adama Barrow.  Your report on this is correct and there is a lot that people don’t know about Oumar Thorpe, which we will reveal in due course. 

Another team to keep a close eye on is Cham and Fatou Ceesay, who are trying to get rich quick with numerous schemes targeting business people and asking for money on behalf of the President.  Whether Barrow is aware of this is not clear.

The good news in all of this is that Barrow is well-meaning but just not sophisticated enough.  He is also surrounded by people like Oumar Thorpe, Fatou Ceesay and Cham and Samba, who really have their own agenda. But the President himself is a decent fellow who means well.  

He has some decent Ministers such as Ba Tambadou, who is actually an honest person. If he can get more people like Ba in his team, he will succeed. I am very hopeful that we can all help Barrow to succeed by exposing the corruption in the government. 

Written By Gambia’s Deep Throat

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