Dear Mr. Mbai,

They say a picture speaks thousands words. Whose picture is hanging behind Hamat Bah? Is that Adama Barrow Gambia’s President or Lawyer Darboe UDP president?

Let me first of all remind Gambians to take heed on some of Pa Nderry’s analysis, they are most of the time spot on. Pa Nderry predicted this scenario now playing out in our political history. I am not surprise at Darboe’s obsession with power. He is ready to do everything to derail our new democracy. As far as Gambians are concerned Darboe will never be voted president in this country. He has shown the whole world his true colours. Yaya Jammeh must be jubilating in exile telling his people that , ‘I TOLD SO”

This government in not a UDP government as we are being led to believe, The majority of the people voted for Adama Barrow ad will vote for any candidate put forward by Barrow’s coalition.  Gambians have suffered enough we went through a series of impasses now we want to live a normal live.Since December 2016, we went through a political impasse, a constitutional impasse, military impasse and now is coalition impasse. Enough is enough.

Let Mr Adama Barrow continue to solidify our relation with Senegal and let him never heed the advice of those who want to betray the trust and security of the Senegalese people. We are 150 percent behind Adama Barrow.  Darboe and co. must be reminded that if you combined the votes of Yaya Jammeh and Mama Kandeh together they are more than the Gambians who voted for Adama Barrow. We must be cautious in handling the transition issues. The best thing for Darboe and co. is to resign their ministerial post and from the Coalition to legitimize their claim, Otherwise they are all bunch of opportunist. Halifa should be made VP.

Thank you Gambians.

Down with tribalism.

Written By An Insider 

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