Gambia: Millions Missing At NDAMA


It is very true that the Executive Director, Col. Alagi Sanneh ” The Guy with always a PISTOL in his pocket” who has no knowledge or
experience even about Basic First Aid much more on Disaster Management, is a close relative of the former Dictator Yaya Jammeh. From Jail with Lang Tombong Tamba and others, he was directly brought to the agency to help Yaya Jammeh to mismanage the agency and what he first did was to terminate the services of many staff members who knows a lot about the agency leaving among few including his deputy who does all the job for the Agency, if you could recall sometime last year it was reported in the on-line media that Col. Sanneh was seen departing and crying at the State House after having a meeting with Yaya Jammeh and when he was asked by a friend, he told the friend that he was asked by Jammeh to work out a certain amount for him Jammeh with a date time given to him to do so.

At first, Dictator Yaya Jammeh had to remove Mr. Khan, Former Executive Director, a very hard working and upright character. The dismissed staff know much about the donors of the agency and other forms of income and could be the best witnesses. Within a short period of time Col. Alagi Sanneh, bought a completed compound in which the tenants that were renting in that premises were
given a very short notice to vacate. This compound where he resides most of the time is located in Kunkujang Keitaya just exactly opposite Imam Bittaye’s compoud. He used to slaughter Bull and distribute the meat as charity within that locality esp. the mosque very close to his compound.

On its black gate, used to be written ” SANNEH KUNDA’ and every child in that area can attest to that. It was surprising to see that Sanneh Kunda painted to black thus erasing the writing immediately Jammeh left the country. The pistol he has should be taken from him and his premises thoroughly searched.

The same Sanneh is well known for transporting sand and stone to diverse areas esp. Fonis using NDMA Trucks. The truck drivers could confirm that. NDMA that use to attract lot of funding from different donors is one of the Institutions that needs to be audited ASAP and both previous and current staff of the agency investigated.

Written By An Insider 

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