Fellow folks, it is now clear that the third republic is being orchestrated under Coalition shrouded in tribal sentiments of the early 1980’s when it was believed that one tribe is the main and only tribe capable and larger than any other tribe. For the records and throughout the history of Senegambia, after nearly a century of the coexistence of the tribes in the Gambia and the Senegal region, the third republic is using leadership tribal line to settle a proxy succession cold warfare

The Coalition is not a Mandinka Movement neither is it a UDP political masterminding. This was a collective action by all and any tribe or party claiming victory is naive and could undermine the social fabric of our continued trust and confidence. # Gambia has Decided! Is not inked on a tribe or party!!. The political impasse we went through was not surmounted by any tribe or party and neither ECOWAS nor The AU or the UN   intervened because a particularly tribe or singular party was affected.  It was; the will of the Gambian people!

The Fulas, , Jolas,  Mandinkas, Manjagoes , Wolofs, Akus, Sarahules  and  Serers all   had tested the carrot  and stick  of  the Jammeh regime. No region, tribe or religion was left untouched and hence none can claim to be witchhunted. 

 After 22 year of what is considered a Jola regime, the Jolas or fonkinas are not better than any other tribe or region. It is unfair to witch certain people in the nature of justice and leave others who were also in the same hell working  with Angel of hell to burn it people.   We all  know that Jammeh did not care kinship or region when it comes to decisions. How many fonikas fled to Cassamas or are said to be missing?

The pronouncement by  Jammeh about the Mandinkas not succeeding him should not overshadow the fact of what is being seen as a renaissance of the TERRY KAFFO of the 1980! In fact the mandinkas have been since independent; the biggest opposition of President Jawara for 30 years (NCP) and also Jammeh for 22 years (NCP metamorphosed to UDP!)

Mr President Barrow, your naivety could be a potential cancer to the Gambias social culture of mutual coexistence. Take the heart to remove Darboe, Mai Fatty and  Stooge puppet(Amat Bah) from  your Coalition cabinet else you will fail   Gambian and  be a failure( the history of your government performance will remain in the archives!)

This is the only way you can dilute the current so called Mandinka Campaign  in all nooks and crannies  of the Gambia that A MANDINKA PRESIDENT HAS SUCCEEDED A JOLA PRESIDENT and so Jammeh  was ousted because of a  UDP Tribal force . FAR FROM THE TRUTH; the Gambians who voted BARROW AND MAMA KANDEH are twice the Mandinka Population and hence it sounds irrational to continue to breed this ethnocentric ideas in the third republic. Day in day out, tribal   animosity is growing between the Mandinkas and Jola as a result of this Maneuvering that the Jola government is gone and a Mandinka

The so called tactical alliance by UDP led trio is just a smoke screen wrapped under tribal and partisan pomposity and selfishness. The marks are clear to see.

Yaya Jammeh is being vindicated about the UDP true image and intent!

Our neighboring Senegal is   brighter example to follow. ! Mr President Barrow take the example of your Brother; Son Excellence Monsieur Macky Sall, . The coalition in Senegal is 6 years old and no once care about party dying because the people are bigger any leadership.

If you fail to act before the Parliamentary elections, your government is set for the doom by sneaking hijackers covered in wood-ash

Buba Camara ( Camara-Lie)


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