Dear Pa,

Please allow me to register our sincere gratitude to one of the people who put their lives on the line to save our country. 

Major General Francois Ndiaye, the head of the Ecowas mission in the Gambia, yesterday bade farewell to President Barrow in a rather low key event. I strongly believe that the event should have been made national ceremony considering the enormity of his mandate in ensuring peace and security prevail in the Gambia and the population and the political leaders are safe following the dangerous political environment that existed during the impasse. 

Through his command, President Barrow was installed and the necessary environment for his government to operate has been maintained. That is the reason why today the population is living in peace and normalcy have returned.

 We are grateful to Ecomig forces and commander Ndiaye including all those forces who risked their lives to safe the Gambians.

What better way to say thank you than to name a street of a military camp after him. We will not also forget the important roles played by the Ecowas leaders during the political turmoil. President Barrow should consider renaming some key streets to Presidents Macky Sall. Elen Johnson-Sirleaf, Buhai, Mahatma and Ali of Mauritania for their role in bringing peace to all Gambians. All those street named after APRC stalwarts by Jammeh should be changed. They have no significance to our country.

Bravo Major General Francois Ndiaye

Gambians are proud of you.

Written By An Insider 

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