Good Morning President Adama Barrow,

Mr. President, I feel sorry for you because the most difficult task of any organization or Cabinet is that of managing a Coalition compose of strange bedfellows.

Mr. President by the end of your three or five year term ALL Gambians will be educated with our Constitution and its provisions. The laws of the land will become public discuss for a longtime to come which is a good thing for the citizenry of a country.

Mr. President if you really want to govern in total serenity and positively for the benefit of all the Gambian people, you should now consider doing the following:

  • The MOU signed between the Coalition parties and the Individual Candidate did not specify that political party leaders should be given cabinet positions. It however said clearly that political parties should be given cabinet positions. In that you are free to choose the members of your cabinet from amongst the parties members and not necessarily their Party Leaders by force.
  • The Party Leaders being potential future presidential candidates whiles being in your cabinet will slow down or derail your government programs and projects by their partisan behaviors, regional leniencies, and/or constituency bias.
  • Many a times IMF/WB and other external funds allocated to the Gambia have been returned unused because of bureaucracy and negligence.

Mr. President to solve the above potential chaotic scenario in your Cabinet composition which certainly will happen very soon after the parliamentary elections, I would encourage you to seriously think of appointing an ALL Technocratic Cabinet for two reasons:

  • According to the Inter-party MOU you will not be a candidate at the end of your current term.
  • The New Technocratic Cabinet that you will appoint will be nationally minded when making decisions and totally neutral in their dispensations.

Going by the above solution, ALL the political party leaders will NOT shoulder blames in the way government is functioning and will avail them a level playing field for the next presidential elections devoid of contradictions and accusations of any sort.

Here I will suggest Government to allocate a campaign budget of D2millions to each Coalition party for the next presidential campaign.

Mr. President this new technocratic cabinet composition will also strengthen your Independent Stature as enshrined in the MOU for you to be selected flag bearer of the Coalition. This new cabinet cannot be challenged and will be appreciated by all Gambians that participated in your elections.

This is exactly what the Burkina Faso transitional government lead by President Michel Kanfando did for two years before handing over to the elected New President Rock Christian Marc Kabore. To avoid accusations none of the future presidential candidates took part in government transitional cabinet.

This in essence will make you a FREE neutral president above politics.

Finally Mr. President please think of making the Arch 22 a Deyda Haidara Memorial and the Westfield Junction a Solo Sandeng Memorial.

To conclude Mr. President always remember you can terminate any appointment and nobody can terminate your mandate given to you by the People.

Have a good day Mr. President.

Written by Pa Njie Girigara. 

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