Dear Mr. Mbai,

I happened to know someone who knew the guy involved in that reported accident which was not adequately reported in most of the print and on-line media.

According to a relative of the young man, the accident happened in Sibanor at night when the young tractor driver (name withheld) who was hit from behind by the vehicle of Mr. Turo Darboe which was running at high speed.

The tractor driver fell down, fainted and sustained severe injuries. He was admitted at the Sibanor clinic for one day before he was taken to the Sibanor Police where he was detained and his statement was taken. Instead of keeping both Mr. Darboe’s vehicle and the tractor for investigations, Turo Darboe’s vehicle was released and no statement was taken from him about the accident. The media were fed with incorrect information about the incident.

It was Mr Darboe’s who hit the tractor at the back and knocked the driver unconscious while he was allowed to continue his journey. How can you investigate an accident based on one side? Is this the kind of justice system we want for the helpless in our society? The driver is still nursing his injuries. He is afraid to come out with the true story.

 Written By An Insider 

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