MFDC rebels are in full standby to confront any possible attack coming from the Senegalese security forces stationed in the Gambia, or elsewhere within Senegalese territory, a source familiar with the activities of the rebels has told this medium. The rebels are operating a base along the Gambia/Senegal border. The rebels have been threatening to crush the Senegal forces. They even phoned Senegalese security agents asking them to come and attack them. 

The development followed the recent presence of ECOMIG Forces in the Fonis. People living in Kappa, Arrangale, and Jannak have since stopped sending their kids to school, fearing that an attack might happened in the area. Some villagers have even fled the area and resettle outside the border.

The MFDC fighters in the area are fuming with anger. They are bragging… They said they will wage a war against Senegal. They even threatened to attack The Gambia in the event the Senegalese forces cross into their territory. 

Senegal, should take this report very seriously! Through human intelligence, this medium, was able to gather a lot of irrefutable evidence about the rebels determination to pick a fight with Senegal, including The Gambia. The MFDC is well established along the border. The rebels are capable of destabilizing the  region.  

The rebels had built an underground base in the area. They are equipped with modern weapons. Some of the weapons were supplied to them by former dictator Jammeh during the political impasse. The absconded jungullars delivered the weapons to the rebels prior to Jammeh leaving town. 

On the domestic front, there are disgruntled soldiers, who are not happy with the recent change, and are armed. Some are said to be allegedly engaged in arm robbery. Arms are all  over the place. The government should increase night patrols in order to avert such criminal activities. 

The recently fired Generals are also complaining of not being paid. They are very disgruntled. Some of them had served the nation for decades and were not paid a penny when forcefully retired from the army. The government should consider paying the Generals. It is not safe to have disgruntled former unemployed officers harboring grudge against the state.  

Jungullar Borra Colley, fooled the Senegalese security forces while he was under their custody. Borra, is privy to a lot of information about what we are reporting here.  He used to manage the affairs of the rebel unit threatening to attack the Senegalese security forces. He knows the rebel’s command structure, and the underground base not far from the border.  Borra, used to supply the rebels with food, and weapon on behalf of Yahya Jammeh. 

It is imperative to note that some of the rebels had taken part in the Bissau war. Some had overseas heavy weapon training. They have been living in the bush for decades. 

“The Senegalese government should be extra cautious, when sending its troops along the border. The rebels are armed to the teeth. They are openly bragging that they are ready to go to war with Senegal. They have recruited informants along the neighboring border villages. Any unit deployed to attack the rebels should be well equipped with professional fighters,” said our source.

“The rebels have received intelligence that they are about to be attacked by Senegal. They have placed their men on an increasing alert. They said their men abducted the Senegalese soldiers in Casamance some years ago. Dr. Njogu Bah, the former SG and Presidential Affairs Minister and co, through Yahya Jammeh facilitated the release of the abducted Senegalese soldiers. Salifu Sarjo, emerged from the bush to address the delegation. Senegal should know that these rebels are aware of the strength of their men and level of military training and sophistication,” said a highly placed source familiar with the story.

 The rebels are operating three camps in the area. One of the camps is situated along the border. It is an underground camp.

Occasionally, the rebel leaders will dispatch their field commanders to the Gambia, to assess the level of Senegalese security presence in the Gambia, and the troops level of alertness.

“The rebels are increasingly running out of patience. They are in a hurry to have a showdown with the Senegalese troops. Some of their men live in the Gambia under disguise of fake aliases. They collect intelligence through different means. The government of Macky Sall, should invest heavily on recruiting handlers along the border to infiltrate the rebels. These are career fighters. They can destabilize the region. If left unchecked they can wage a havoc against innocent lives. ECOMIG Forces should be mindful about their activities in the Foni area. There are landmines planted in some areas. They also risked running into rebel dominated zones,” said our source.

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