The biggest crook and chief enabler for Yahya Jammeh has finally been fired.  This was long overdue.  This empty MD has done so much harm to the Institution that letting him go free would be one of the biggest crimes ever committed.

This divisive figure has created factions in the company where only those that come to tell him lies are rewarded. The good engineers have all left not because of his terrible management style and not because they got better salaries from other companies.  This guy is does not know anything about core telecoms network as he was only a linesman.  The former president made him MD purely because he is from Foni and claims to be a Jola. After the fall of the president, he says he is Mandinka.

This guy is corrupt to the core.  He brought in MGI to handle the gateway purely for his personal interest.  He sign a very bad contract and kept it away from all of us in the company.  Who is he to sign a contract on behalf of Gambia government.  On what basis did he allow MGI to walk away with over $800K a month for doing nothing. Why did he not insist on checking the CDRs every month to see if what crook MGI declared id the true amount or not.  He was not interested in all this because he just wanted to make sure his share is given to him and the rest to hell.  Him and Bala Jasseh took us Gambians for a ride to enrich themselves.  It is a crime to let them go free. 
Baboucarr has a compound in Dakar, a motel in Barra run by one Gamtel staff call Baboucarr Jatta.  He has a storey building in Brusubi and Kalagi.  He is building another motel in Sanyang and four other compounds in Brusubi.  His wife flies to China using Huawei to facilitate her trips.  He takes money from suppliers as he would not let anything pass without him having his share. 

A commission of enquiry should be set up immediately to assess the economic damage he has done to this nation. Examples should be set so that when people are given responsibilities they do not abuse it.

Written By An Insider 

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