Hello Pa,

I was eye witness when Jammeh assassin team was kidnapping those two men and I was very close to loose my life too. More than two years ago I and my husband were informing FBI and giving them a lot of information and since then we have been in contact with FBI every now and then.
Also I have been talking several times with Alhagie mother who is now in Gambia.
Last December, my husband noticed that two killers have been trying to go or already are in America and he was warning FBI about Michael Jatta and Michel Correa. Jatta was one of the leading individuals when they stopped Alhagie and Ebou`s car near by Coconut in early hours of 23 th June 2013, handcuffed and took them to a “secret house” in Bijilo.
We have been very very disappointed with FBI, especially now when they could easily track the killing team but nothing has been happening.
At the moment, I`m in Finland, and you can call  my number at xxxxx for more information.
Best Regards
Fatou Sarr
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